AceVD Ukrainian fragger for CS:GO team


My name is Oleg. I am 19 years old. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, and now studying and making my gaming career in Edmonton, Canada. Been playing CS since 2003.(Never played source tho(wasn’t popular in Ukraine)).) played a lot of CIS LANs and tourneys.

ESEA profile:
Also I am streaming and glad to teach new players:

PS: also i used to be semi-pro Snowboarder, and skater if you are interested in that here is a few of my vids:

It’s already past two years so i got a lot better^_^


Welcome to the Dark side brother. I’ve been to Kiev, it was a good time :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Strats family @AceVD, hope you have fun =^-^=

Ukraine is a nice country, I visited once…

#Praise AceVD


Welcome to Strats! Pretty jealous about the snowboarding.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Snowboarding and skiing always seem awesome, but then I remember how cold it is and how much I hate the cold :wink: Let us know if you run into any issues or have any problems.


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