Additional StratsCo bot features


@therubymug and @tommy2118 crushed Bridge.

Since this requires a bot presence anyone (to set permissions), I’m wondering what other features we could build into it. Here are some ideas that I might spec out more specifically:


  • Post a link to any new threads started on the forum.
  • Post special link to new Introduction threads with some encouragement to go welcome them.
  • Post a link prompt whenever a new LFG thread is started in a special #LFG channel on discord (so people can turn notifications on).

Text Commands

  • Ability to check someone’s trust level by command e.g. @stratsco trust <username>
    • Responds with <username> is a <trust level name>.
  • Check latest post from a user e.g. @stratsco latest <username>
    • Response is <username>'s latest post is <link>
  • Check when a user was last seen, e.g. @stratsco seen <username>
    • Response <username> was last seen on the forum on <datetime> and Discord on <datetime>.


Event reminders including scheduled game meets/things and also Strats weekly reminders


That’s a great idea!


Isnt this the same? Maybe have the new one made at introductions be posted in #readme maybe?

Link to new Threads and LFG is a must. Great idea.


One thing that’s been on and off the table ever since we got Discord is a better way of hitting up players in games where communication is key (i.e., Albion Online). We’ve attempted this with a separate channel, but this proved a pretty huge failure both from an in-game leadership perspective and a Strats leadership perspective (which is why we’re not toying with it anymore). Our new bot friend, I believe, offers us an interesting option though.

Currently, we’re only using the roles as intended, but I think there’s potential to expand functionality there in conjunction with the proposed Posting features listed in the OP. Using Albion as an example, rather than pinging the entire Discord that a #albiononline post went up, why not just send a ping to an Albion role on Discord instead? The role would grant no special permissions, but would have the ability to be @mentioned in Discord. This would allow not only the bot to ping the group, but in-game leadership to get in touch with folks as well. The only manual interfacing that would be required in this scenario is one of the Strats leadership creating the role and authorizing the bot to grant permission to said role (maybe this can even be automated into a soft command we can issue through Discord); individual users would then have the ability to use a standardized command to add themselves to a game-specific role by messaging the bot.

Expanding slightly on this idea of posting notifications based on tags, we could also drop Discord notifications for posts tagged #pc, #ps4, and #xbone on the forums into their respective Discord channels.



That would be an incredible help tbh. Discord can be extremly spammy and for some reason it is not showing “new messages” like skype does but drops you in the middle of the conversation. So a way to easily get hold of a group of certain people would be a great help.


notification of PMs on forum


Email and chrome notifications aren’t enough? :slight_smile:


We must hold ourselves to higher stands good sir :sunglasses: