Addons - What can't you do without?



I know some people REALLY hate curse and their client, for now this is the only option outside of doing it yourself.

  • Curse client, automatically tracks and installs updates to addons, allows you to search through addons and pick the ones you want for easy install / download.

Addons that work and improve your experience:

  • Junkit

Automatically frees up your bag space through selling crap in your bags and repairing your gear. Lots of options for selling by type, quality…retaining things for “Salvaging”…ect. a very good addon and my number 1 pick.

  • bijiplates

Replaces the standard over-head nameplates. Better or worse? Who knows, some people reported better performance with this addon over the default.

Some I am not so sure about but you may find interesting:

  • Deadlock Extended

Changes the default into a mouse-look, similar to ESO. Camera is not off-center like ESO though. Have to re-map your attack keys personally to have left and right click be the default attacks. May get better as time goes on but for now it is a gimmick.

This addon really needs to be combined with an addon that allows you to rebind your left and right mouse buttons, but doing so usually comes at an “interaction” cost, meaning that you have to jump through some hoops in relation to menu / interface interaction.

Some issues in the future, apparently carbine has disabled their in-game changing of mouse binds to left and right button and I am not sure if this will eventually be closed and you won’t be able to bind to left and right buttons even using an addon.

Good luck folks!


Anyone know if Wildstar’s API will allow me to make guild-specific addons like I couldn’t in ESO?


I really don’t know, what did you have in mind? Kinda what you were talking about last time with external calls to things outside the game / remotely hosted?

A group of addon authors made a side project thta has been referenced many times by Carbine:

from the thread:

  • Custom FOV

This particular addon made life wonderful. The only command it adds is /setfov which brings up a simple window with a slider to adjust your field of view within a wider lay of options than I could ever see someone using. 50 is the game’s default, I’m currently using 75.

Also, for those that hate the curse client (I do too), Wildstar is very simple to manually add to.

  1. Click Start and search “%appdata%/NCSOFT/WildStar”

  2. If there isn’t a folder named “Addons” just create one

  3. Drop the new addon’s folder in “Addons” after you unzip it.


I’ve got a small collection of addons that I plan on using on Saturday.

BijiPlates - Self Explanatory
JunkIt - Mentioned Already
AMPPurchased - Adds details on where/how to unlock various AMPs
CommodityStats - Money Making Tools
CustomFov - Required IMO
GalaxyMeter - DPS! :smile:
ThreatMeter - DPS! :frowning:
IconLoot - Better notifications for looting
Scrappy - Better interface/filters for salvaging
SpaceStash - Compact bag ui