Adventures Dungeons Raids - Videos for Golds and bosses



This thread is for videos for adventures dungeons and raids. Post any gold strategy videos here. If you wish to expand on strats and such do that here as well. Let’s try to keep this thread clean and about the strats only, please no extra stuff.


Siege of tempest refuge - Vet Gold

Looks straight forward. Please watch this video (only 15 min) for strats. It’s filled with a lot of goodness and is a must watch for gold in the adventure. It is from beta but still current when I checked.


The following is a map of War Of The Wilds with markers on totems and the typical boss used for gold

Overall Strategy: This is a MOBA. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a MOBA is what DOTA and LOL are. The short explanation is you start near label 1, and work towards label 13. Each number is a totem with a guard. You want to capture the totems to create a lane from 1 to 13 (1 captured, 2 contested, 9 enemy controlled).

Gold (Must pass both optional objectives): Capture in numeric order 1 to 6. Then kill the boss marked on the map. (For ease I didn’t mark the other 2 possible bosses).

After the boss is dead DO NOT capture the unmarked totem outside the boss area. This could be an optional objective.

Work your way towards flag 7. On your way to 7 you should pass through a ravine. In the ravine you will most likely come across some of the enemy “players” (all NPCs but named and act like PCs, immune to taunt, ect…) Try to not kill them as you are waiting for optional objective 1.

Complete optional objective 1, and work on capturing 8 and 9. At this point you should stop and wait for optional objective 2.

Complete optional objective 2 and cap the remaining totems.

Once all totems capped WAIT FOR YOUR ALLIES!! If you run in without your little buggers helping you, the final totem guardian will 1 shot you (maybe 2 if your a tank). If you have the wave of your guys, you wont die.

Boss strat: This boss has 3 major abilities.

  1. Spawns adds, AoE taunt and the tank can hold and they will be AoEed down by the group.
  2. Telegraph: 2 Large circles overlapping slightly in the front 90º arc. The tank can typically eat this w/ a healer that knows about it. DPS and healer must avoid. If the tank can back up and avoid, do so.
  3. Telegraph: Small circles under each PC. This should be interrupted. Sometimes you see a cast bar, sometimes you don’t. If you interrupt then you have a Moment of Opportunity. If you don’t interrupt the circles will move with you, and eventually stop, this happens 3 times w/ 3 different circles in a row. If they complete and you are hit by them you get stunned w/ a stun trap (Hold a movement to get out of).

Optional Objectives: (This has been changed a few times so I will list all that I know of that may or may not exist currently)

  1. Don’t die: If you need an explanation, I have no words for you.
  2. Kill 4 champions: Those are the enemy “PCs”, simply kill 4. At one point you needed killing blow, now you just need to tag
  3. Kill marked champion: Bugged last I got it. It is supposed to put a skull mark on the map of the champion you must kill. Find and kill
  4. Capture 3 totems: Capture 3 of the totems that you have been capturing all along.
  5. Capture optional boss totem: You only need to kill and capture 1 totem. This is why you kill the one Boss before you get the optional, then a DPS runs back and caps.
  6. Kill 20 moodies: Moddies are the enemy NPCs that are spawned from the enemy side. Kill 20 of them.
    [If I miss any or new ones come up, please PM me and I will edit the post to keep everything in one spot]


The Malgrave Trail - Vet Gold

Looks easy enough if you follow the path they take. I don’t know if we can gold on a first attempt but eventually we can get this down.


Crimelords Of Whitevale - Vet Gold

This one has a few different walking paths than they show but the idea is there. This is IMO the easiest adventure to do of the original 4 vets.


Stormtalon Lair First Boss Vet


Stormtalon Lair Second Boss Vet


Stormtalon Lair Final Boss Vet


War of the Wilds, optional objective capture 3 nodes was taken out for the time being as it did not work properly.


Anyone have a site i could go to find the gold level drops from these adventures/dungeons. I’ve found a few sites but nothing that looked to be anywhere near complete close to complete. Trying to find where i need to go to get what for my gear.



Yeah i found that one but it looked like it was missing them. Perhapse they haven’t all been logged in.