After E3 Wrap Up



Okay so I’m sitting here rolling through the E3 line up for Wednesday + Thursday.

It’s a lot of ground to cover + I was thinking … could we as a team come together to share/broadcast our thoughts about E3, what games were our favorites + what we’re excited about on the main Strats Twitch page?

Not just my personal thoughts but ALL of ours.

I was going to do a post on my website but thought … eh, why don’t we all get together + have like a pow-wow similar to Strats Weekly? I stream from my console so (unfortunately,) I don’t have the snazzy setup to host it but maybe @Vocino or @tommy2118 can if it’s enough interest?

(I do have Skype + a webcam, though.)

Posting this ahead of time due to our schedules!

Just brainstorming aloud. Thought I’d share~ :smile:

PS: Tagging everyone because we shared our thoughts on Twitter but I thought it’d be fun to expand on the initial discussion. Can’t do this alone! @DrizztDo_Urden69, @Nolani23, @Freshie44, @MotokoValentine, @blinkbrac, @Zoltariel


I work these nights so I wasn’t able to watch E3 today and won’t be able to tomorrow either


I was just telling @PeterThomas6 that he should post here about a similar idea. I think this would be great. I’d love to set something up.


Exactly why we should have a round up so people who missed things can catch up. :blush:

Yay! I’d love for all of us to be able to link up + do this.


So what do we need to do this?

We can set up the stream similar to how Strats Weekly works (video conference with overlay, etc). Is there a day we want to do it? After E3? Or every day?


I’m totally down for that, like @Vocino was saying @PeterThomas6 was talking about organizing one of those. I’m perfectly available to do that tomorrow but different dates I’m gonna need to know ahead of time so I can try to change my work schedule around it


I have been and will be traveling a lot this week for work and haven’t been able to watch much of it so would love to hear about it from all of my friends! I think Streaming is a great idea!


I’m totally down for a video conference! I dig the stream layout of Strats Weekly + I’d love to pick a day after E3 where we can talk, if that’s cool.

I’m open! Anytime this weekday is cool for me. I stream on the weekends but my nights are totally open for a discussion.

This is why I’d love for us to do this as a group. So we can inform those who might’ve missed E3 + garner more support for Team Strats! :smile:


Haha, I was just telling @Vocino, what are the odds?

Anyway, my schedule is pretty much the same every week. There are slight anomalies here and there, but for the most part you can find me to be pretty reliable.

It’s probably easiest to just give you my schedule and let you guys pop it into a google calendar or something to find out when everyone is available. All times are EDT:

Monday after 6:30
Tuesday after 5:30
Wednesday after 6:30
Thursday after 6:30
Friday after 6:30
Saturday all day
Sunday all day

Monday to thursday I’m good to about 10PM. Friday I’m good to midnight or so.

Hope this helps!


I can see if I can get my Friday evening shift switch to a morning shift, but I’m off tomorrow so if that can work out that would be good as well


Mmmkay, Fresh.

How does Wednesday evening work for everyone?


Hard for me. Maybe I can give some replays afterb😊…but my time zone is a bit harsh…although I am watching @simplyundrea and @DrizztDo_Urden69 streaming so maybe I can join


I forgot about your time zone! Sorry, @Nolani23.

Hopefully you can still type/participate in the chat room discussion!

To keep everyone posted on progress … after a flurry of Tweets, we ironed down a day and time!

@Freshie44, @Vocino, @PeterThomas6 + I will teaming up this Friday (6/19) on the Strats Twitch Page for our E3 roundup.

The talk will take place at 8PM PST | 10PM CST | 11PM EST.


I could but depends on the time. I am still at the hospital till friday. but it has wifi. so yeah.


Our ‘E3 Roundup Roundtable’ chat last night was a success! I had a blast. :smile:

Just wanted to update this thread with the finished video for those who might have missed it!


Great show loving it😊
I want to see more of this kind of shows :blush: