Again with the Skyrim Modding


Here I am again modding out my copy of Skyrim, this time with over 300 mods!!! As always, I’m taking a heavy LoZ approach.

I’m working on a pdf of my mod list with installation instructions. Once I’ve put that out there I will make a merged mod of all of my mods as one big a** mod pack.


man, you got me excited, I thought this was about making mods :frowning: Really cool though, all you’re missing is an annoying fairy


It could be. I’ve been quietly working on a few of my own mods for about two years now and am about ready to release. They are kinda like The Relics of Hyrule only better :wink:. Before you ask though, almost none of the textures or meshes are mine. I gutted “The Relics of Hyrule” and any other LoZ mod I could find and took what I thought was worth while and left the rest. After that I began systematically upgrading the old mods’ existing textures and meshes for 4 and 2k variants. I’ve since patched and merged everything into 3 .esp files and am running through every scenario that I can think of looking for bugs and the god awful CTDs. And now that I’m done with school I have even more time to work on it.

Wish me luck… I wonder if I’ll beat Star Citizen to launch :smirk:


I will download the crap out of the mod when you’re done


Recently got back into Skyrim. One of those games you can just keep replaying.


And the modding continues.


I like the ninja turtles companions mod


Big fan myself, it’s not compatible with a lot of stuff though :cry:

I need to figure out a way to import a grey body paint to complete Super Android 13…


The thread has gone on long enough without calling back this old beauty :wink:


Oh snap I need to try the sonic one. Does he run fast and ball up and stuff?


Classic Macho Man


With the FNIS PCEA2 mod yes… So, yes and no…