Age Of Memories Stream

What’s going on guys, so I found Age of Empires 2 on steam and I’m planning on streaming the campaign, already did a few of the simple start missions. Just figured some of you mighta played the game back in the day, and might wanna see some of the gameplay again without buying the game. Don’t have a set stream schedule for it yet but when I figure one out I’ll let yall know!


I’ll watch it if you tune the difficulty way up so that it’s unfair.

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Haha, ummmm we’ll see.

Ok so I’ve decided i’m going to stream this from 7-8 pm Est starting tomorrow night, probably for the next week or so.

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A schedule is big for streamers. Followers are more likely to make time around their schedule if they know you’ll for sure be on during a set time frame. Plus that’s a great time for me to watch you :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahaha yeah i realized i don’t have a schedule set up, now that i’m on days i can actually make a schedule, a normal one at least.

@Nubhugs hey man i can’t figure out how to set up like the info part of my twitch so i can put a schedule up for streaming.

I’ll help you with it Drizz

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So I’ve kinda laxed off with my Age of Empires stream, it’s been a lil hard working around work and such. I’m going to be taking this next week off as well (I know again what!) And will pick it back up next Monday. In the meantime I will be streaming for a lil when i get home each night so feel free to stop by.