Ahhhh! The Destiny gods must hate me!

This was my 4th game of crucible that I’ve played. Just as the game ended I got the message in chat saying NVS_1 has found a Legendary Engram.

I quickly quit out, ran off to the Cryptarch and… yep…

Gah, gotta keep grinding! lol


That’s rough.

It’s like when you were a kid during Christmas; You were opening a present and as you got the wrapping paper off you realized you were staring at one of the coolest things you could have ever asked for. You get the warm tingly feeling all over you. The grin on your face seems like it has became permanent. You get up and run around the room hugging the entire family (even your brothers and sisters) because you were just that excited.

Then you open the box and realize Mom got the empty box from behind a store or something and she thought it would be just perfect to wrap that corduroy pants and plaid shirt she got you. Merry Christmas.


The feels :’(

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This happened to me as well. I got so excited and then it was all taken away from me.

I got a second chance* tonight!

It even worked out as well! Wooo

*Sorry, my cursor somehow ended up on top of the rare not the legendary item in the first SS.

Thats some sweet armor. I’m loving and hating how random the drops are.