Aicxe here. Let's deliver explosions! I LOVE fieldwork!



I got here from a recruitment post in /r/Fireteams. I’m a Destiny player on the PS4 - here’s hoping I get to meet cool people to do end-level stuff.

I played Inquisition before I got back on Destiny, and I am also eagerly awaiting the ESO lanch next month-ish.

Oh and my PSN handle is pronounced “Ace”. Silent X. Nothing too complicated.


Welcome to Strats! Feel free to browse the forums we have some great Destiny info up. If you want to get a group together throw up a post and we can meet up.


Welcome to Strats Guardian. We have a crew that is slowly gearing up for lvl 34 PoE and I along with a smaller group of friends have started Running 35. Stuck on the last boss but hoping to down him this weekend. I’m also pretty sure there should be quite a few strats peeps on wanting to run Trials of Osiris this weekend, I certainly know that I would like to go 9/0 and be able to go to the Light House on Venus.

Feel free to add me. PSN ID = Sarathil


Welcome to the Dark side brother, or sister. :slight_smile:


Oh, what’s the maximum dimensions for user badge size?


You are user number 1337!


Edit: you get a bad ass title. Congratulations.


Aww yeah!


Welcome to the party; the jelly is real on that title. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

I don’t know that we have a max dimension, but there is a max size of 1MB because reasons that we’re hoping to sort out soonish.


Welcome to Strats, @aicxe! (I’m eagerly awaiting the ESO PS4 launch as well.)


Welcome! You will absolutely love the Destiny (and entire) community I’m sure! :slight_smile:



Welcome to Strats @aicxe


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