AiKiller's 12 hour stream (AGAIN?!)

So for those who have been paying attention to my Twitch you’ll know that I’ve been getting crazy support and I’ve hit 600 followers already. (A week ago before the 12 hour stream I was at around 560~ish) and since then I kept telling my viewers if we hit 600 by Thursday I’ll do another 12 hour stream this Friday so here it is

Time: Friday September 15 starting at 8 PM
Games I’ll be streaming: Modded Minecraft/Vanilla Minecraft/Minecraft minigames. (Saving up for a better computer for more games coming soon!)


You are the master of marathon streams.

It was brought to my attention that someone in the modded Minecraft community that I am in who is a friend to me is having financial problems. So I’m turning my 12 hour stream into a charity 12 hour stream so he doesn’t have to sell his things and live in a shelter. Me and a few others are raising money for him so if you could at least stop by I would be very thankful.

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