Ai's 700 follower Twitch stream

So about a month(+?) ago I hit 700 followers on my Twitch channel and as a good majority of people know I do a 12 hour stream (and try to go for 24 hours) every time I hit a 100 follower milestone…

So with that being said I will be playing Minecraft on my public Spigot server doing redstone stuff, building a massive structure that will become my base, occasionally working on backend stuff for the server, and just a bunch of other stuff. Might even play/work on the upcoming Skyblock server I’m I have and could possibly have fun and ban/troll some of those people who cause trouble too if we can get some on!

I’ll be streaming over at and the event will be starting at midnight on the 6th of July

Hope to see you there!




That’s pretty awesome reaching 700 followers. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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