Albion Alliance Name Topic



Hello Strats!

We need help creating a name for the alliance we are in with Zero Quality, T I T A N S and Hammer & Sickle.

We have nothing at the moment, it is something to be bold and hopefully strike fear into the hearts of our enemies!




Whelp… that didn’t take long…

The Alliance is now named Incursion [Inc.]


A “brief” attack or invasion? Is the alliance temporary? :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope TITANS isn’t run by anyone British…historically, after beating their enemies they tend to turn on their allies.

I should know I am one…:grimacing:


I think they are of other language speaking folk. Like Russian or something.


I think I heard some German accents as well…and their language is a lot older than ours.
Imagine if WE HAD to learn another language…Phew…:no_mouth:


yeah, i should speak more german on mumble so fiddler learns something :wink:


You can teach me german throughout the course of the game :3 But I don’t have the legendary pack so I can’t play yet. I guess that means you have time to set up a lesson plan? xD


If there is any Russian, I can help bridge the gap.