ALBION AMA! Go now, much excitment, happy




ad 1) My personal combat advisor (#freethepony) told me that he loves the Nature Staff :wink: We are right now doing a survey among all people who participated in our tests the last weeks to see which items are still to weak.
I can promise you that we are always very fast in changing things. So even if something is OP or UP it rarely stays like this for long
ad 2) Yes absolutely. We will add three new versions of hellgates over the course of the next months.
Solo Hellgates (1vs1vs1vs1vs1)
Four Team Hellgates (5vs5vs5vs5)
And Large Hellgates (20vs20)
There are a lot of new rules for them as well but this is the shortest answer I can give to you.
For those of you who do not know what hellgates are here a quick video:


Albion Online: PVE[StratsCo] | PVP[Strats]


That were fun and laggy times ^^