Albion and the Farms



While searching the Albion forums this morning, I learned that it takes 81 farming plots to keep a territory fed. As best I understand that just means the territory itself, not the buildings within it.

Also, all food has the same effective nutrition/day. So carrot soup is just as good as the top-tier stuff when feeding buildings. The difference is that some food is lighter than others, so you can carry more. And the higher tiers provide various buffs that our characters might want to use. But for the purpose of feeding territories/buildings, we should use whatever is cheapest to produce or lightest to carry in mass quantities (high-end food has a 0.8x weight multiplier and low-end a 1.2x multiplier) depending on the need at the time.

I haven’t witnessed this myself, but it’s possible that buildings and territories have a favorite food which will give a bonus when fed to them.

I placed my first 9-plot farm yesterday. I hope to upgrade my personal island today but I might use that for herbs and try alchemy for a bit.

I hope other guild members are placing their own farming plots and working to produce food.


As soon as I can get in game, still no wifi, I will be a farming fool…lol. With crops now taking almost a full day to grow it will give me time to get that gathering skill up as well.


In that same forum post the devs explained their reasons for changing farming. They say that the vast majority of players will spend less than 5 hours per day playing the game. So putting crops on a 6-hour growth timer was a bad idea. They decided that checking your crops once a day was a good idea.

And I think I agree with them. The farming and alchemy lines on the Destiny Board complete rather quickly so I guess they are meant to be side jobs. The real game is gathering materials, crafting armor and weapons, then using those weapons to beat people in the face.


I know a number of people have 2-3 farms on their personal islands, so hitting the minimum for sustaining the territory should be easy. Thankfully, it looks like silver could be a non-issue this go around, so we can always buy more food as needed (which we did a lot over the summer until we had everything setup the way we needed it to sustain).


I give people 4,000 silver to start their plot. Yesterday, and possibly today if the bonus is still going that let you get to T2 with ease.


It seems like they’re slowly stepping the discount down, so get it while it’s hot :wink:


When I get home tonight I will try to set it all up…carrots right?


I need 45k for one more plot. I’m also going to be giving tixo food. He’s making mounts. Has two pastures and a farm plot, so I’m helping him as well as providing for the guild.


i got max island and rollin 3crops 2 pastures. I think we need 1 person on focus on cooking but who shall it be


Good to know they’re still there once you dump a billion monies into the island :wink:


was actually below a mil since it was all 50% off when i did it ><


Mmm I got 4 pastures and I will have 1 more farming plot when I gather 295k for the next island upgrade. We really need more crops and people need to put farms up instead of pastures :slight_smile: everything else is taking slowly care of


Yeah, we’ve got plenty of mounts coming out daily and the quality of meat-based food right now is pretty shit compared to just plain Carrot Soup, so get those farming plots down and lay on the Carrots :wink:


I have been farming my carrots and making soup or puting the raw carrots in the guild territory chests.


Update: 5 pastures, almost tear 5 (in about 5h we will have tear 5) mounts, just need food, and the guys will be working on saddler tear 4, will bump it to tear 5 soon as well.

we have 30 horses and 2 oxes in the territory (my chest)

we have about 15 oxes and 10 horses in the stratsco island

about 20 horses and 10 oxes in my chest unsettled (same amount coming tomorrow morning unsettled extra)


Oooh man. I can’t wait for the t5. That mastery level 3? That ox will be beast!

Also, I’m working on opening up premium for my alt and getting more silver to get an island with 2 or 3 plots. Tixo uses 450 foods every 10 hours. I only got about 250 turnips earlier. I know pve guys are helping, but if anyone wants to donate silvers, I need about 80k or so to get 2-3 plots on my alt. Then I can do the rest to keep the mounts growing for tixo. (Well, most of it, every 10 hours)


alright boys and girls … my bad we will need 2 more days for t5 from me :frowning: i have 50 learning points left and its 100 for tear 5 :frowning: apologies


I’ve got t5 mounts unlocked.
You will need 20 t5 leather for t5 riding mount
20 t5 planks for t5 ox
or 10 t5 cloth + 10 t5 steel bars for Armored Warhorse**
Also will either need 1000 silver to use t5 saddler in town or escort me out to territory and back.
**note, the warhorse has zero bonus to carrying capacity. It’s big advantage is it’s very hard to knock you off the mount in pvp zones.


Would it not be worth it to just upgrade the Saddler on Tixo’s island? Not tax to use it once we get it leveled?


I concur, we should get one built up rather than shell out money. What is required to finish it?