Albion Combat 2.0



New video just released of some combat stuff. It looks pretty awesome!


If you go to ~3:00 you will see something that I would classify as 100% broken, but don’t now if it’s perm or temp. I cant see him/ her use any skills so it leads me to think it’s a passive effect on that weapon.


Yeah, knockback on hit: seriously!? Good thing they took out throwing weapons…

In all likelihood it’s being used to demonstrate the functionality rather than displaying a passive trait; I can’t imagine they’d try to implement something like that. I bet the Albion forums go nuts after seeing this :wink:


also, WTB someone to use daggers and light armor, that dmg was stupid

I think I’m going to try and play a “paladin” if I can.


ALSO!!! look at 3:25, he’s still using throwing weapons!


That german accent doe. :smiley:

I think that was a bow at 3:25, the knockback and stun will be annoying tough.


I don’t know that looks like a throwing axe to me, he’s using a offhand and everything


also, look at 3:04 at T7arthur. it looks like he enrages and goes double size


Definitely in the shape of an axe at 3:25.




Ohh it is an axe, was looking at the wrong guy …


all good, there was a lot to look at.


The developers’ descriptions of the armor changes seem exactly what I was hoping from this game.

  • If I chose to play a mage, for example, it sounds like I want to wear medium armor when playing solo PvE or maybe when playing a balanced role in PvP (warlock staff maybe?).

  • If I want maximum damage/healing output in PvE dungeons, then put on my light cloth armor. Also use this if I’m confident in PvP.

  • Heavy cloth armor would be used in PvP if I get targeted a lot (healer perhaps) or maybe for the Arcane staff which offers some buffs/debuffs and not a lot of direct, instant damage.

This is what I gathered from the video.


I am going to try a plate healer for pvp, or at least 2p/1 c where the cloth is possibly a chest piece. I didn’t get to progress as much, but the cloth chest had a really sick knock back on it.


Sooooo…excited. Though my head is about to explode with all the choices. I’m sure we all want to get our destinys clearly mapped out for the start. I do hope the throwing axes are still there, as I can stick with my original plan.
Anyone got a backup weapon choice for keeping the offhand…?


Torch/ Harp, but didn’t get a view of it during stress test

and then non staff mage weapons


Hmm…torch is on the ranger branch isn’t it?..could be good option as going the leather route from the start…will do some forum trawling on it.


The offhand branch is much shorter now. Which I think is great.

Warrior gets shield. Ranger gets torch. Mage gets book. Those seem to be the only offhand items available now. There are a few different types of each you can craft, but no more harp/orb/whatever else they had.


It’s up to you honestly fiddler. How it’s setup now is by playstyle/ role.

If you want to be a glass cannon, use light armor which gives %dmg boosts and the least amount of resistances
If you want to be a mid range support/ peeler look for medium armor which gives some reisstance and small boosts
If you want to be tanky/ bruiser that can spit on every ones face throw them around and usually run away to fight again another day, wear heavy armor, where you get the most out of your resistance but no boosts to dmg.

I would think most of the weapons stayed the same, even though they said they have all been reworked to some extent. I would say, have a rough idea of what you want to do and get to T3 asap then spend maybe 5-10 minutes doing a quick over view of the board to figure your path out form there.


Is that 100% confirmed? I didn’t get to delve as much into the board as I wanted to

and if so, that is a lot of skill deletion/ consolidation that had to be done.