Albion Destiny Board and weapon/armor choices



I know theres alot of members playing on and off, got alot going on atm so i havnt had much time to invest this beta round. I’ll be full on come release, and hopefully a bit later this beta.

Are there any links out there to the new destiny board, as well as provide what spells etc are available for weapons/gearsets?

Holy staff vs Nature staff, can anyone provide + and - on these?

Also curious on melee weapon thoughts. Any feedback would be great on what they think per weapon.


Holy Staff best staff. I think Nature Staff has a place, but that place is only after a Holy Staff is in a group, and even then I don’t see it very often. Probably more applicable in PVP situations since the heals aren’t all channeled or long cast times, but even still it can’t put out near the targeted healing a Holy Staff can. That said, it does area heal better, so it’s likely situational with a tendency to Holy.

The two-handed stuff got a lot of love. Hammer is pretty beast (especially the artifact one), but there are a number of Claymores and Staves running around as well. @nordss has been beast-moding with several weapon-sets, so he’s got lots of information, I expect. Dual-wield (swords, daggers, and claws) all seem to be quite popular as well (particularly swords and claws).

As for the Destiny Board, I don’t think there are any intractable ones out there anywhere at the moment.


I’m looking at doing a YouTube vid on the new destiny board, if my work schedule will allow me to sit down and edit it all out, won’t be out anytime soon but maybe a week or 2, I will try!


thanks for the info, helps alot. I’ll probably go heal staff main, and use nature staff and hammers as alternates. Hammers have always been my favorite hands down, especially a nice 1h hammer. Really was hoping it would get mentioned as viable, and to my surprise, i feel the love.


The artifact 2-handed hammer is terrifying ; I would highly recommend that if you’re into hammering things :wink: