Albion Gold Usage



Is there anything that I should, and more importantly should not, be spending all the founders gold on when we start? Is there any way to use it to help the guild?

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There was alot of talk on this gold between the winter and summer Alpha. It doesn’t look like gold will be all that useful now, so I’m honestly waiting to see when the game comes out what exactly gold is still usable for. But it will not be able to be used as a pay to win game.


Does the Auction House / Market accept payment in gold?


No, auction house/market is silver only.


My current theory is that the best use of gold is to put it immediately into the gold market. According to the timetravelling patch notes (It’s not the 29th yet sandbox!) swap transactions are implemented. This means that the system will be buying gold from the market automatically until the gold to silver ratio is more even. So if you get your gold on the market early you can get the system to buy it for silver.

Now keep in mind you won’t get large amounts of silver for your gold but since there seems to be no use for gold this alpha…


Yeah i agree with you, I’m gonna look around and see if gold is used for anything before i sell it but yes from what I’ve been seeing at the moment the gold is useless, for now. I’m sure once it comes to beta and live they’ll make it useful in some way but nothing major.


ya in live you can buy cosmetics and premium accounts with it.