Albion Guild Meeting - 6 December - 7:00pm EST/12:00am UTC



Attendance is optional, but recommended; the discussion will focus on the PVP guild (Strats) and not overly-include the PVE side of the house (StratsCo). Bullet points of discussed content will be posted here following the meeting for those not able to attend. If there’s something you’d like to voice but will be absent from the meeting, feel free to drop a comment or PM me so we can bring it up for you.

##Meeting Points:

  • We’ve got a much better spreadsheet for tracking who can do what thanks to @lyteforce; please fill it in as appropriate.

  • Guild tax rate is going to 25% (+5%) and the coffers will be seeing some use in acquiring/replacing gear needed/lost for/in GVG as well as for guild crafter/refiner progression. The leadership will be tracking how much silver goes where. Guild silver distribution to crafting and refining efforts will be based on the aforementioned spreadsheet, so fill it out :wink:

  • If you’re serious about PVP/GVG, you need to plug your information into the spreadsheet so @Fro knows what he’s working with. Also, in case you missed the announcement, he’s the guild’s Warmaster and GVG coordinator.

  • As a reminder, use of Mumble is mandatory. Please encourage your fellow guildies to join Mumble if they aren’t as @Cracka08 is going to start cracking down on folks not meeting the minimum requirements laid out in the main Albion thread. Along with this, if you’re not going to be on for a day or two due to real life, etc., make sure someone knows. Those that aren’t meeting the prescribed play time will be facing reprimand and (potentially) gkicks with repeated offense. Thus far we’ve been pretty lax about enforcing these requirements, but that is changing.

  • If you have questions, be sure you’re pinging the guild channel before going straight to alliance. Often, someone knows the answer to your question. This will help keep the alliance chat more open as well as not make us look like we lack knowledge about the game when we don’t, collectively.

  • When you’re heading out to fame farm, please check with the guild to see if there’s a healer/support that needs a fame farm. If you’ve never tried to farm with a holy or nature staff, you don’t know what the struggle is like. As an added bonus, you’re less likely to get dunked when farming in pvp zones; it’s a win-win proposition :wink:

  • Henceforth, meetings will be weekly on Saturday night starting at 7:00pm EST (12:00am UTC); this change is to better-accommodate our EU/AU/not-NA players.


Guys can*t we do these meetings on saturday evening ?
That’s like monday 1 am for europeans, so everyone with school or work will be never able to attend.


We can do that in the future; we’ve asked about meeting times previously and gotten no feedback, so we were just operating on the established standard. Starting next week we’ll move these to Saturday night.


That’s awsome. Thank you :slight_smile:


but we will have beaten Albion by next Sat, what will we talk about then?


@auth in game or on mumble?


Meeting notes are posted; let me know if I missed something :wink: