Albion-I will be playing this beta I swear!


Hey guys just wanted to check in. I do plan on playing this round of beta believe it or not lol.

Work has gotten insane and I’m moving!

I have been a on little here and there nothing great but hopefully I’ll be able to be around on a normal basis after next week.

The good news is my girlfriend is so down for playing to so I’ll want to get her in Strats.

At the moment Vilegrin will focus on all things metal and hammer related :slight_smile: and Halea my girlfriend is looking forward to Archery and Leather.

Happy hunting hope to see you all soon :smiley:


We miss you @Vilegrin! WRU?!


As luck would have it every time I can play it seems like no one is on lol. I’m steady on making Maces though got my girlfriend into it she’s having a pretty good time as well. Cya in game! :slight_smile:


Are you in the PVP or PVE Guild? I never see you!


PVE I can’t guarantee that I’ll be on the 2 hours a day minimum :frowning: for PVP


:frowning: No wonder I never see ya!