Albion Mac Client Broken until Wednesday



I keep getting the verify error and even after a full re-installation its still there. I will keep trying, just letting you know why I have been awol today.





I’m getting the exact same thing on my Mac… :frowning:


You need to not only uninstall but also download the new launcher from the website and then reisntall.


#New Mac client Wednesday


My awesome T3 stuff is going to be garbage by then. :slight_smile:

Cya tomorrow sometime!


But it is Wednesday where I am… does that mean I get it before everyone else? :stuck_out_tongue:


Try this for mac os x:
gere123 wrote:
For MAC OSX user,

Right click on the game and click on “Show Package Contents”,

After that go in the “game” folder and double click on “Albion-Online”



And whaddya know? I works! Thank you! :smiley:


New client work allegedly!