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We’re drawing a lot of new people in here and several have mentioned how difficult it is for them to navigate.
For new members its like pointing them to Reddit just to get Albion info.

Is it possible to give Albion its own link up top on main page that goes to its tag search? Is it possible to pin topics in tag search? Ie it would be nice if @DrizztDo_Urden69 meeting announcement for tonight didn’t get buried or the Crafter application etc.

Even if possible, I’m not sure feasible but thought it something to bring up.

Maybe a tagged post on home page on simply searching and subscribing to tags is a reasonable alternative.

Albion Online: Dedicated Crafter Applications

That’s why I made this Albion Online - Main Thread, @ghosthog.

It connects all the relevant content, no mater if the other topics get pushed down. :smile:


It’s great work and definitely helpful but this gets buried and there’s so many links that I think some just get overwhelmed.

It’s even better with your organization, though again, can be overwhelming since for instance in crafting, we mainly want people to use the crafting form made by @marksteele but there’s several other links they could click on instead and post their role which may not get noticed, etc.

I’m not sure how to better do this but wanted to bring up for discussion as a help for new users not necessarily us Strats veterans :smile:


While by no means perfect, I hesitate to reorganize the way the forum works for one game.

Further, this is a game that’s currently in a limited alpha window. After the alpha, we’ll be reorganizing it again.

Users can bookmark topics themselves. Regulars can do a ton of forum moderation tasks that they rarely do. Why? Tag topics appropriately, move topics to better categories, etc.

The power that the Albion guild has came from the fact that this community is built around the people coming together not around a specific game. I also don’t want to lose sight of that even when the vast majority of us are focused on Albion.

During ESO, the forum was completely centered around ESO. Once we started playing WildStar, we had to accommodate it. The same things were brought up for reasons to pivot everything to WildStar (then Destiny, and many other games).

What we’ve learned is that our grounding needs to be with people communicating and linking up agnostic of any particular game.

I’m open to other hypothesis as long as the data over time supports it.


I agree with everything you say. I love the multiple interests going here. I’m just wondering what can be done to help new Albion users coming in. just moving topics and tagging them for others is not enough I think to make the new user experience better.


Yeah, hmm. Let me think on it for just a bit and get back to you. I don’t have any specific answers right now but I think I can come up with something to make it a bit easier.


What about a perma link or something at the top of the navigation bar like there is for the Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook links?


Which would say what and go where?


Albion Online Info and link to the page setup by @simplyundrea : Albion Online - Main Thread


I encourage you to read what I posted in this thread (a few posts up). Putting a link in the header about Albion Online does more to alienate people who don’t play Albion than it does bring people who play together.


@Vocino can this be pinned on the home page as well for a couple days since we have a lot of new members that struggle with navigating our site it seems.


We try really hard not to pin too much and even less to the home page (title-specific stuff in particular) because it sets a precedent that becomes expected by other franchises and turns into a hot mess of deciding what is and isn’t worthy of said attention. At this point it’s easily-searchable (because our search metrics are awesome), pinned in MMO, and part of the link thread @simplyundrea made (along with 2 other threads, including the previous crafting thread), not to mention I know @DrizztDo_Urden69 is going to plug it at the meeting tonight; if people can’t find it, I’m not sure what else can reasonably be done :wink:


I did read that, but just figured I would throw out a suggestion. Don’t want to alienate people at all.

In my personal experience I came here looking for a guild in ESO from a Reddit thread but only a very few people actually seem to be active with it. All the talk is about Albion so I decided to check it out and here two days later I have purchased the game and I am looking forward to getting into it. If you take just my experience, by no means does this go for everybody, I came here for one thing and saw little to no activity and ended up going towards another since the majority of active posts point in that direction. Does that mean the system is inherently isolating people because the active items are always at the top? Maybe but it’s not my design and not my call. This is just my observation being one of the new guys here.

The activity is great and I love the interaction, but just my 2 cents worth.


One thing I think every Strats guild needs is a “welcome thread” for the guild/game. For Albion, it’s here:

Really, it’s this OP that needs to be kept up to date with all relevant links. We haven’t done a good job of this and we can do better. This is where the links to other threads should be. This is where the exact process for recruitment, ranks, and everything should live.

A new member should be able to get everything from here.

With that, I would consider linking to these types of threads in the welcome PM that every new user gets. This welcome PM is already sent out and explains how to use the forum (although apparently some people didn’t read it ;)) as well as offers some advice on being part of the community.

We can call out “Are you here for Albion?” or something like that.

Additionally, instead of just “Welcome to the Dark Side, brother” we should be offering helpful startup advice in intro threads when people are telling us they are here for a specific game.

I actually believe yours is a perfect example of why the forum WORKS REALLY WELL. I mean, a perfect example.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Your entry point was ESO but you signed up, posted an intro, got to know the people, and in spite of the majority of our members not being into the game you were playing, you wanted to be part of that experience.


I can agree with these points. Sharpening the point of the welcome PM will be the easy part, but like you said making sure the original posts are kept up to date will take some work. I’m just glad to find an active, mature community. I ain’t got time for anything else.

On that note I look forward to being able to help out where I can. Like maybe the Google+ page that has been abandoned. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you make alot of good points @Vocino, as normal with you being an AI, and all. Honestly I’ve been so busy playing i haven’t been on the forums too much, I’ll try and calm down and split my time a bit and focus a bit more on the welcoming and directing and such.


I completely understand and I didn’t mean to put it on your plate. I think you’re the OP of that post because you are the guild lead but really it’s a community effort.

I will work on the post as well.

Maybe we should assign those master threads to the @Strats user just so it’s understood.


That would be a good idea. It would show people that these are the Strats “sponsored” guilds.


Yeah i agree.