Albion Online Alliances



Hey guys so I have received a couple of PM’s on the Albion forums from other Guilds wanting to form an Alliance with us. I wanted to get y’alls opinions and input as to what you think about having Alliances. I think it would be great to ally ourselves with some good people so I’m going to look into the guilds that are requesting this, and see what they’re all about and have some conversation with their guild leaders. :slight_smile:


Yea alliances with some guilds ar cool decision.
Just to aly with some cool guilds. But we stay as strats wrigt? I mean the idea is to make partners in economics and big fight but we stay as guild


When does summer beta start?


I don’t have any problems with alliances really, as long as they are good people and we have similar goals. But doesn’t forming an alliance cost quite a bit of silver?


Exactly Nolani. we’ll still be strats just have friends :slight_smile: @senNish haven’t checked let me see if i can find a date if they have one yet. @Wayward I agree, and the silver is whatever I think we can work around that right at the beginning.


Well, that’s kind of what I’m getting at, I don’t think we can swing it at the beginning. It would have to come later once the guild is established and we have some silver flowing. According to this alliances have a weekly upkeep cost of 6000 Silver.

I’m not trying to throw a wrench in the works or anything, just think we should keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to commit to any alliances.


You’re not throwing a wrench in the works, I appreciate this and you’re right. But after we discuss whether we’d like to or not, I’m going to be talking to the guilds that would like to ally with us, and that’s something i can talk to them about as well. Because i know 1 of them was pretty set in last alpha so they’ll know some ins and outs of the game that I don’t.


WE should control the alliance. Based on that screenshot, we should be the lead guild.

They can use our mumble, etc. Maybe we can create a more complex post about joining the alliance.


That’s all something I’d have to talk about with you guys as well as with the other guilds.


If they’re out there messaging people about an alliance, we can do the same for our alliance the Strategic Coalition or whatever


Agreed, I’ll have to do some research on the other guilds on the forums then. Check out their forums see what they’re all about. I know one of the ones that messaged me is a big guild, and will bring alot of knowledge of the game. One of the members is a Moderator on the Albion Online forums. They seem like good people, but when he messages me back i’ll discuss some of what we have discussed with him.


You took the words out of my mouth.

An alliance is great, but we need to lead it. We have the infrastructure to build something great it’s important we market it as such.


“Stats seems like it’s going to be quite a professional with dedicated leaders. Would you be interested in an alliance, after conversing the matters of course?”

That was his message to me. This is good that that is what we are already presenting to the Albion Online Community.


In unrelated news, I did end up buying a pack so as soon as this thing takes off i’m already on plane.


Even though it may be cost prohibitive at first for an official alliance ig, I’m assuming we could still have verbal agreements with other guilds that would be advantageous until its affordable ig.


That’s a good point.


“I’m not sure what you mean by “alliance leader” you mean the one who founds it? I’m not looking to form a huge alliance but a decent sized one with about 4 guilds which all have equal say on raising attention towards certain objectives. Most of all there would be an alliance sort of commerce/council consisting of the key/core members of the alliance this “council” would discuss and vote on most alliance decisions.”

This is what the response was when I said we were looking to be the Alliance leader. I can agree with this… thoughts? @Vocino @Wayward @Auth


Soooo, I’ll take the silence as a, sure sounds good lol?


I disagree with the vision, personally. I believe we should set ourselves up to create the alliance we want into the future. We have strategy, vision, infrastructure, and people.

We can set the tone for the alliance and we should approach it from a position of leadership.

Edit: if it’s a workload issue, we can split the responsibility of Strats & Co leadership with Strats Alliance leadership. e.g. Someone can specifically manage the alliance relationships.


Ok i can agree with that. And yeah I think it would be nice to have someone to deal with the Alliance portion of it, because i think that it will be something that will definitely affect the game. And I’ve been trying to do it but having another person would be amazing especially once the game rolls around to launching and I’ll have many other worries to deal with.