Albion Online Alpha Streaming for #teamstrats



Dear Strategists,

The Summer Alpha for Albion Online is just around the corner, with most of you starting on Monday the 29th, and some of you on Tuesday the 30th.

Our friends at Sandbox would really appreciate it if, for the first week of the test (29th of June - 5th of July) at least, we could have all of you streaming at around about the same time. This is to ensure that Albion Online is as present as possible on Twitch in the first week. The proposed times are as follows:

  • PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) - 6-9pm
  • EDT (East Coast) - 9pm-12am
  • CET (Europe) - 4-6am

If you can’t make those times, any time helps of course. That’s the ideal though.

I’ll be following up with giveaways for those of you streaming Albion during those times as well as info about an Albion Online special Strats Weekly for Monday the 29th!

Let me know if you have any questions about the promotion or streaming exposure help (social media send outs, etc). If you have questions about the game, I recommend @DrizztDo_Urden69 and @Wayward.




#Promo hype!


I will be out of town some of the first week, but since I should be able to stream with the new computer, I would love to stream as well! :smile:


The streaming windows are a little late for me. But I plan to be doing Albion stuff starting around 6-7 EST.


I’ll be on nearly 24/7 so yeah… any questions i got em


I know nothing about streaming really, but I would try to get something going for those times if it would help


Was this requested specifically by Sandbox to Strats, or just a general request of all alpha testers?

Also, do you know if you can download the game yet?


It was requested specifically of our Strats Twitch team from Sandbox. They’re requesting it of all their promotion partners.


This works really well with my schedule. Looking forward to it!