Albion Online: Basic Farming & Breeding Guide (Hector Patch)



Hello everone,

after 2 years i recently started playing Albion again. What i like most about the game is the crafting and farming and while also the crafting changed since i played the last time imo the changes to farming/breeding are greater and i couldn’t find an up to date guide so i thought i write up what i figgured out myself.

Here we go…

Disclaimer: All numbers in this guide assume you’re playing with premium status!

What’s needed to get started:

Silver! :slight_smile:

Your farm is located on your private island so you need to buy one. To do this your character must have premium status. (Once bought you won’t loose it when your premium status expires!)

You buy the island from a NPC in a city. Which city is up to you but be aware that ideally you visit your farm once a day so choose the city where your guild has its island or near the main guild territory…you get the idea.

Once in this city you need to find the island merchant:

To get farming started you need a level 2 island which will cost you:

  • 6250 Silver for lvl 1
  • 18750 Silver for lvl 2

What you get is an island with 2 Building plots, 2 Small Building plots and 1 Farming Plot.

Now let us travel to your private island!

To build your farm you have to find the farming plot. They look like brown dirt patches and can be found easily on the minimap. The first one you get in lvl2 is in the north-west corner of the island.


1. Hit the Build button
2. Go to the Farming Tab
3. Press Build underneath the Farm
4. Move to the center of the plot till the colour changes to green and hit Build

Congrats! You have built a construction site! Wait…what…

Yes, you’re not done yet. To complete it you need 15 T1 Stone and 15 T1 Wood. Luckily you can gather these right here on your island. After you have done that just click on the construction site and add the resources.

Finally the Farm is ready! Time to plant the crops

Of course you need seeds to do that which cost silver…

You can buy them right here on the island, but if you do this some time after launch, you should check the auction house first! The reason for this is they are not really cheap…

The npc is right next to the farming plot (to the right).

When you start with farming you can either buy carrot or bean seed. You can place 9 seeds on your plot so you should at least have another 9000 silver for carrots with you.

It is not necessary to buy bean seeds because:

  1. You get the same fame (150) for every kind/tier seed when you harvest the crop (I tried up to T4 Turnips).
  2. If you want to use the crop to feed animals, even T4 goats are happy with 10 T1 carrots.

Later on you should consider planting higher tier crops because…

…the higher the plants tier the higher the yield without watering is. So I used higher tier plants when I was low on focus. But of course you will get fewer seeds and probably spend money in the long run…

Thanks to redditor andeeider for the comment.

Edit 07/12/2017:

This is from a Dev Post (AOmonochrome) on this topic:

What I’m saying is just that the net silver gain of using focus, in terms of how much it saves you on buying seeds from the NPC vendor on your island, is the same for all crop types:

Carrots go from 0% yield to 200% yield with focus, and cost 2000 silver from the vendor, so for one field you have a net gain of 2000x9x(2-0)=36000 silver/day by using focus (costs 100 focus per seed).
Pumpkins go from 93.33r% yield to 106.66r% yield with focus, and cost 30000 silver from the vendor, so for one field you save 30000x9x(1.066r-0.933r)=36000 silver/day by using focus (costs 100 focus per seed).
In both cases, each point of focus is worth 40 silver :slight_smile:

There absolutely should be most valuable crop types to farm based on current market conditions*, and you absolutely should spend your focus on those crops if you want to maximize profits. But if you’re buying seeds from the NPC vendor, you can ignore the relative focus/yield stats on different seeds because they all cancel out :slight_smile:

*A fair amount of thought has gone into making this as dynamic as possible: all farmables create the same net nutrition per field per day, so there’s no “automatic best crop” if you want to feed territories, and then the interaction between the favorite food system, the range of consumables available and the complexity of recipes should - we hope - create sufficiently diverse emergent demand to keep things interesting. Add to that the various specialization options and the inherent time delays involved in farming, and the result should be a lot of opportunities for savvy farmers to second-guess future market shifts, if they’re smart enough.

Thanks to redditor xoupina for the link. :slight_smile:

Only reason to plant beans or any other specific crop is when you want to cook a certain meal.

Let’s plant!

1. Move to your Farm
2. Click on the carrot seeds in your inventory
3. Move till the colour changes to green. Hit the Place Button
4. Repeat till all seeds are placed.

Now what about the watering cans?

As you can see every crop has a “Projected Seed Yield” meaning the chance you have to get a seed back when you harvest the crop. When you water the plant your chances get higher this doesn’t stop at 100% as you can get more than one seed back.

You pay for this with Focus. At the beginning the cost is 1000 Focus/plant. This Focus cost goes down the more you plant carrots. On your Destiny Board you have a skill for every crop that goes up every time you harvest that crop.

What you can see here too is the growth time. It’s 22h for every crop in every tier. I don’t think there is a way to let them grow faster.

So all together to get your Farm and plant your first crops you need:

  • 34.000 Silver
  • 15 T1 Wood and 15 T1 Stone

22h later…

When you click on a patch you see the result of your hard work!

In this case:

  • 10 turnips (this can vary from 6 to 12)
  • 1 turnip seed (since your “Projected Seed Yield” was 153% here you can get 1 or 2)
  • 150 fame (50 is added later because of Premium)

When you hit ‘Take’ the items move to your inventory and you get your 150 fame. :slight_smile:

By the time you’re done harvesting your first field of carrots you will have unlocked the skills to do something with them:

Sous Chef for cooking and Harvester for farming/breeding.

Let’s get ready to raise some animals!

First things first…you need another farming plot on your island to build a pasture…this means of course more silver.

The island merchant can help you with this, just hand over 62.500 Silver and you get 1 more Farming Plot and 2 more Building Plots.

The resources you need to build the pasture are:

  • 30 T1 wood and 30 T1 stone
  • 30 T3 wood planks and 30 T3 stone blocks

So either gather/refine or buy them before you head back.

The second farming plot is just next to the first on so go ahead and build a pasture!

Again you can either buy the baby animals from the farming merchant but as before i would strongly advise to check the auction house first if you can get them there cheaper!

You don’t have to start with baby chickens if you scroll down a bit you’ll see that you can allready raise the T3 horse or the T3 Oxe!

Again it’s not cheap as the T3 mount ‘babies’ cost 12.500 silver. So start with whatever your coin allows.

Once you got your animals of choice it’s the same as with crops you need to place them in your pasture:

Now click on the animal, you can’t nuture them (the flowing, glowing hand) just yet, you to feed them first:

The timer starts once you drag and drop food ‘in’ the empty space left of the food bar. As i said before, to feed them for the entire 22h, they need to grow takes 10 crops. You dont have to exactly drop 10 crops, just take a stack of crops and only the amount needed will be used.

Similar to watering plants you can here nuture your animals. Again what it does is raising your chance to get offspring for 1000 Focus points (gets lower when you level the skill for that animal).

22h later…

When an animal is fully grown and you click on it, you first get the offspring:

After that you can pick up the grown animal itself (another click on the animal):

If you raised a mount you can’t use it right away, you first have to find a stable of the same tier (or higher) and craft a saddle.

If you need the meat of a farm animal for cooking you have to bring it to the butcher…


instead of picking it up you can also feed it again to get, in case of the goat, goat milk:

(after feeding and another 22h)

As you can see you wont get offspring doing this.

That’s it! I hope this will help some of you to get a Farm started, be it just for fun or to support your guilds food and mount production!

If anyone has any suggestions or find any mistakes please let me know!



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@Calibian this is an awesome guide! thank you for posting it…i know i will be referring to it when/if i start up playing again. :slight_smile: :strats_green:


Thank you so much for this guide, I’ll be picking the game back up this weekend to prepare for launch. I’ll have this bookmarked.


great, clear guide. It is work now and it is worth to play it now?
Specs is very low so this game for sure can be run on every computer