Albion Online : Chest map "Rough"


I created this map to make it a bit easier for people to use the chests. This is a rough guess, I was not really getting informed on what was what so I used my initiative and made that up from what I could guess. If any of its wrong or @marksteele you want different, Let me know and I can change it. I did it because people kept putting the things in wrong places. If think you can make a better one please do this was just a rough one.

I mainly made it because people are putting Refined mats back into the raw mats chest. Some of you may not know but not all people can get in the raw mats chest. So when the crafters want to make something we cant get to what we need.

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Sorry, I was gonna put this up but I wanted to get a few more chests down. Wasn’t sure if we needed 2 refined materials chests or not but if it seems like we don’t then for sure we can make that a tools chest. I do wish we could label them in-game though


Yes that is a really good idea I might suggest it to Sandbox. If anymore chests pop up I will add them if you wish? Let me know :smiley: