Albion Online- Does anyone plan on making guides?



I’m just curious if anyone will be making guides for example :
Good resource locations
Crafting guides
Mob spots
Useful tips and etc?

I’m just curious, me being new to the game this would help speed things up quite a bit. I haven’t found many guides online, and I know things are changing with the game, so I don’t expect any soon, but it would be really helpful!


@DrizztDo_Urden69 will be making quite a few of them.

Most of our stuff comes up late in the tests so we can get as much information as possible. Then we compile all the goodies and share the wealth within our gates :smile:


With this beta being 3 months long I personally wanted to wait till halfway through, and then do some in depth ones, especially on the destiny board and such. Resource locations I won’t be great with, but the rest I should be able to help with :slight_smile:


You should check this out:


I was planning on making several guides… But there’s no point atm with them making great updates which would change the guide(s)…