Albion Online: Dungeon Run Times Announcement



Look here for announcements on when we will be running larger dungeons as well as how older runs went.If you are interested in joining a run wait by the guild dock on the guild island around the specified time. Tier 3 gear and access to our mumble server is recommended but not required. The average dungeon will take up to an hour to run and large runs may involve multiple dungeons if there is enough interest.

Wednesday July 1st 2015

11PM (23:00) UTC
Your Time:
Member Count: 14
Result: 2800 x 14 = 29,200 Silver + approx 5000 guild tax

1:30AM (01:30) UTC
Your Time:
Member Count: 5 (hell gate)
Result: Failed - Need more people to open the hellgate

Thursday July 2nd 2015
2PM (14:00) UTC
Your Time:
Member Count: TBA
Result: TBA

11PM (23:00) UTC
Your Time:
Member Count: TBA
Result: TBA

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Cool…UTC +12


We will run a range of different times as long as we can get around 7-10 people on for it


You mean July :slight_smile:


no idea what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:


Apart from sushi run later…I’ll be on for next 12 hours or so. So you’ll have a tank for that time


I’ll heal but the 24 hours of no play has me stuck in T3.



Edit: New times added for July 2nd