Albion Online: Dungeon Run times: Whats best for you?



Hey all,

So as we’re an international guild I figured it would be best that we plan the times for our large dungeons runs in advance so we get the most people on at the same time. So if you’re interested in doing some of the larger runs please post any preferences you have for dungeon run times (in UTC/Server Time). In addition if post your primary role (healer, tank, dps, etc) that you want to use for the runs so we can optimize groups in case we get 20+ people.

  • Time Preference weekdays: (UTC): 16:00UTC (4PM) - 03:00UTC (3AM)
  • Time Preference weekends: All day
  • Time Preference weekdays: (EST): Noon - 11PM (this isn’t needed, I just put it here for reference)
  • Time Preference weekends: All day(this isn’t needed, I just put it here for reference)
  • Preferred Role: DPS
  • Secondary Role: Tank

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I got summer vacation so any time is fine for me. My time zone is CET. I’m Ranged DPS. Do you mind posting gear requirements?


@marksteele I am going to be posting on the PVE Role Thread about the schedule for runs and propose a timeline for certain tier dungeons and pushing the envelope so we are trying exciting content all the time!

As for timezones here is my scheduling:

Time Preference(UTC): 23:00UTC (11PM) - 04:00UTC (4AM)
Time Preference (EST): 6PM - 12AM
Preferred Role: Tank
Secondary Role: DPS/CC


Time Preference(UTC): 23:00UTC (11PM) - 01:00UTC (1AM)
Time Preference(EST): 6PM - 9PM
Preferred Role: Ranged DPS
Secondary Role: Undefined


Time Preference(UTC): 0:00UTC (midnight) - 03:00UTC (3AM)
Time Preference(EST): 7PM - 10PM
Preferred Role: Ranger DPS
Secondary Role: druid healer

(I can run for a couple hours past the range, just stating time range I’d prefer it start by.)


Weekdays would be

6pm - 9pm est


Almost anytime depends on whats going on.


Time Preference(UTC-Weekdays): 16:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Time Preference(Weekend): More or less the whole day
Preferred Role: Tank Melee
Secondary Role: Dps Melee


Time Preference(UTC-Weekdays): 17:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC
Time Preference(UTC-Weekends): 17:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC
Preferred Role: Tank Melee
Secondary Role: Dps Melee


My play time is from 4:00pm CET (central Europe time) or when I come from work :blush:

So I will play whenever there will be a spot free. Cos I know I am whaaaaayy off of this times so I say whenever there is a spot and team needs me I am in.
And my preferred spot is healer. But like I say in alpha I will test all of the roles so maybe I will play a dos ranger. I play it mow and I like it


All of these tanks! Yay!!!


Time Preference ( UTC-Weekdays): UTC -6 (18hrs - 21hrs )
Preferred Role: Tank Melee
Secondary Role: Dps Melee


Most of these tanks seem to be EU. I guess those guys are hardcore in-your-face.