Albion Online Explorers Unit



Good Morning All.

Sorsko here, The Intrim Leader for the Explorers Unit aka Gatherers Club of our Albion Online group. Our focus is to supply the guild with Materials for the refiners to process or builders to use and upgrade our buildings.

We will have two separate units.

  • Pve which is Tier 1-4 mostly supply’s the guild island.
  • PvP which is tier 1-8 which supplys our Guild Territory and Alliance(s) for trading.

Gathering wise, I can get gather everything up to t4. Been farming mostly Cloth and Ore.

Who is looking to focus on gathering and what do you want to specialize in gathering?

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Everything, leathet and cloth nearly T6

Leather, Cloth


I don’t know if I would say I’m focued on gathering but I’ve been specializing in Lumberjack since I make ranger bows.


Wood and hide --gatherer-- forager here (tier 5) though I can gather everything sans stone at tier 4 and will try to keep them somewhat on pace with my focus :wink: