Albion online farming



I just can’t wait for this game and that Wolfe like mount aaaaas :blush:


The entire economy is based on player farming… sounds like a great opportunity to get rich through arbitrage!


How big is the guild island? Does it grow with the size of our guild?


In all of the tests so far, the guilds have been member capped at 300 members. So my guess would be that the island doesn’t grow. As for the size, There is plenty of space for multiple farm plots and crafting stations, thought I don’t think it’s enough space to have one of each crafting station and still have land to farm.


@Wayward is correct, it doesn’t seem to change sizes with the size of the guild, and you won’t be able to build everything on it. But that is also why there are personal islands, and then later on when we get bigger we can have plots of land in the world.