Albion Online Focus Fire buff too Stronk!



I’ll just leave this here. Look at Fluffles ~2:20


It’s the ultimate anti Zerg mechanic XD


Not really anti-zerg, though you could classify that a bit. But more designed to promote a spread damage combat system. Alpha was all about poke and focus, while it looks like in beta they want sustain/ spread combat. They want to overload the healers and let the best ones emerge though smart healing and condensing or strategic aoes


One more :smile:


Healing is nice but I might prefer Arcane staff and damage mitigation through shields. Guess we’ll see how it plays out.


Also, something cool with the new abilities!

Look at 17:20 on the first video, you can see the spear pull, don’t don’t know if it’s a skill shot or not. But it’s a pretty epic ability!


The email isn’t in the center of the screen, when was this video recorded?


NDA test

There has been a running test for the past 3-4 weeks of about 300 or so players. The servers closed either last night or today. Can’t remember


How were we supposed to be able to get on that? damn, should have let Legend founders do it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have connections with a dev.




Playing favorites. Haha


Warlock Staff going to rock!