Albion online: Guild creation discussion



So since the alpha starts up in about 18 hours I figured now would be a good time to discuss what our plans are to actually set up the guild.

First off a few different things:

  1. There are 2 starting locations that you can randomly be placed in - Kings Market and Queens Market. I suggest we have a mumble channel for each so that people who spawn into each area can coordinate.
  2. Guild creation costs 2,500 silver. You can NOT use gold for this cost
  3. The new Learning Points system will limit our ability to generalize skills such as crafting and gathering

With that being said here’s what I suggest;

  1. Whoever is setting up the guild should try to get in as soon as possible
  2. Depending on what area they enter (kings or queens) we should have everyone in that area farm silver to get the guild up, as this will make organization simpler
  3. We should list our gold on the gold market ASAP, the system will automatically buy gold using silver from crafting and such and then take it out of the game until the gold to silver ratio is more even. We can use this to get a lot of silver quickly
  4. Whomever spawns in the other area should follow the tutorial section of the destiny board and then start leveling some basic gathering skills. In general you will want tier 3 in most gathering and crafting skills regardless of where you plan to specialize.
  5. By this time we should have that 2,500 silver required for a guild. At that point we could all go back into one mumble channel and start doing invites
  6. Once everyone is invited we should start partying up and doing PvE (or some light PvP) in order to obtain a guild territory as most public crafting stations will only craft tiers 1 to 3

Now due to the massive changes between this alpha and the last this strategy may not be valid, however based on what I’ve experienced getting our guild together quickly is crucial for early and late game success. Unfortunately with the expansion of the world map we no longer have an idea of what kind of territories there are so planning out where we want to meet up and what territory we will take will have to be done on the fly.

Ofc I am new here so feel free to disregard, change, give feedback on any of this if you feel it’s too confined for how the guild operates, since this strategy is a little hardcore ^.^

P.S: Here’s a really nice semi-outdated game guide. It will give you a good idea of the different interfaces and mechanics so newcomers are not as confused

P.P.S: here’s another semi-outdated guide on how the silver system works


Na that works for me, Didn’t know there was 2 starting locations, when i played last alpha me and everybody else got placed in the same starting area. But I’ll be on a little bit after 6 because i work tonight and won’t be on till about 7 or 8 am EST but I’ll be the one creating the guild, so whenever anybody gets in, start farming for yourself but try to farm up some silver so that once I get on we can create the guild right away and start getting invites out.

You’re right that mumble is going to be really important at this point so tomorrow morning if you are on Albion, please be on Mumble as well. I don’t think we need to do 2 channels, normally we’re pretty good with seperating the chat if we are in seperate areas, if it becomes a problem then we’ll move to 2 but 1 is fine to start.


Regarding to the two initial starting points, what should i do if i spot on Kings Market and the Guild establish on Queens Market?


not an issue, we will eventually be getting a guild territory anyway, odds are it will be equally far from both. All we need once the guild is established is your IGN and invites can be sent out


Sounds like a good solid strategy. My login isn’t until Tuesday morning but I will see you all when I can login. Thanks for the guides, look forward to seeing you all soon!


FYI for anyone that needs it:

I recommend setting it up early and being ready.


Sounds like a plan…
I’ll be on soon after 1630pm CEST…i take it that i just open up the client i downloaded and i’m in.
I’m a quick learner, yet i’ll be doing a lot of listening, esp in the early stage.
For those of you discussing the guild structure as a whole, i’m happy to be assigning a role additionally to building up a warrior, whether gathering, crafting or whatever. Any advice on which tiers to be striving for will be well received.
I’ll be new to mumble, but i’ll get the hang of it.

Cheers Brothers and Sisters

ps. what TZ will the guild be leaning toward…US or EU?..would be handy to know.


just to add to this;

if you want to use the mumble overlay with albion online you need the latest development version of mumble (1.3.0) available here (choose development snapshot) then under settings enable advanced options and go to the overlay. Select the whitelist tab and add albion. Do note that if you use the overlay for other games you should add them to the whitelist as well


Most of us are US but any post we put out with times will specify the time zone so that you can change it to your own, we are international so I will try and pick times that work for everyone.