Albion Online Guild Meeting - 07/02/2015 9PM EST



Ok guys so I was just gonna wait till Monday to have an Albion meeting but I feel like it is needed now to smooth some things out. So we will have it at 9PM EST on Thursday July 2nd 2015. We will be having this meeting in mumble and I will be covering many topics, but it will also be an open discussion on the way things are run and what could be better. I will also be choosing some officers during this meeting, and that will also be up for discussion. We are a community and will talk about things. If you have any topics you’d like to be brought up please post them here. Thank you and see you all then.


Gonna be there :slight_smile:


Awesome, will be there!


Sounds great! I won’t have wifi where I am tonight, so I might be able to do mumble on my phone? Sorry I know that’s really inconvenient!


I can’t be there since it’s 3am for me.


I would but that’s right before class for me. :S


Hey I just wanted to make a suggestion any chance the time could be earlier in future, as for me that’s 2 in the morning and for the majority of the time I wont be able to make it and I think some other people in the EU would be the same.


It may be a situation where weekend meetings might work out better in the future since were playing internationally :wink:


Yeah I agree with @Auth and normally i woulda asked around first but this meeting needs to happen. In the future though i will definitely ask around for a date and time that works for everybody. I’m sorry @Frizack and @Calibian, but i will also be putting a post up so everyone can see what was discussed at this meeting.


Thank you for taking what we said into consideration.


Of course brother, and I apologize for not asking beforehand but this meeting couldn’t wait we really need to go over some stuff. Like i said I’ll post up everythign we decide/talk about and if you guys have any input please let me know.


Sorry I won’t be able to attend I have work super early Friday. Hope it’s a successful meeting of the minds :smile: Unfortunately real life and work has kept my play time to next to zero :frowning: but I hope to be beating metal into shape soon!


So this is going to be a bit of a long post but given to the complex nature of my suggestions I feel it’s better to post this now and then discuss the finer points during the meeting rather than trying to explain everything over mumble.

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that everyone seems to want to make their own gear, farm their own farms, and keep their silver. While I understand this mentality and it is a mentality that is good to have for other games, in Albion it can be fatal.

Here’s an example. As it stands now our guild territory is constantly on the brink of extinction. This is NOT because we don’t have farmers (@Droul is doing an amazing job keeping things running smoothly), it is because we don’t have the silver. We don’t have the silver because the guild tax is at 10% and we keep it there because of the mentality that players need silver to make gear, fix things, and do other solo activities. While this is not a bad policy, it puts enormous strain on our farmers and those who farm silver and will cause those players to burnout quickly.

I honestly feel that the only way to resolve this issue is to restructure how we approach crafting and taxation in the guild. This is the same approach as the top guilds use, however I’ve tried to adjust it as much as possible to fit the strats play style. It involves 2 basic concepts, dedicated crafters and guild taxes.

Dedicated Crafters: The concept here is that we have 3-4 crafters for each major branch of the destiny board. While we could go into even more specific branches (each crafter handles one or two weapons for example) I feel that we simply don’t have that kind of manpower.

The idea behind this system is that whenever someone gathers resources they put them in a chest. The crafters then use these resources, as well as guild silver, to bulk craft finished products (armor, weapons, etc). These products go into another chest that anyone in the guild can access. Not only does this allow the crafters to level quickly, it also means that when someone dies they can simply go to the guild chest and get a new set of gear. This does NOT mean that you can’t decide to craft your own gear, it simply means that only the dedicated crafters will have guild-backed resources. We would also try to put the bulk of gathered resources into guild chests rather than personal ones. This same concept would apply to both farmers and builders.

Guild Taxes: So first off I do want to say that most guilds that use this system have guild taxes set upwards of 60%. While I do feel this would be ideal, I understand that strats is not aiming for that kind of hardcore play style. That being said, the minimum I could see as required to support a system like this is a guild tax between 25-35%. The reasoning for this is that we need to support the dedicated crafters, farmers and builders to cover the cost of things like seeds, animals, and crafting costs.

I know that some people feel this is a very high tax rate, however the idea behind this guild structure is that you simply don’t need to use silver for very much. When you die you simply go to a guild chest and get more gear, when you need a new tier of tools you go to a guild chest a pick them up. The only thing that would really require silver is repairing.

Remember everyone, we are already a QUARTER of the way through the alpha,and only a few of us can craft T4 gear. We simply can’t afford to use skill generalization as a guild policy if we want to see end-game or even mid-game content this alpha.


I was following you on most points, and even agreeing on a few, but this might be a slight exaggeration. Is 4 days really a quarter of the alpha test? :smile:

Is silver really the bottleneck? I’m still wondering if the problem is that everyone is trying to farm the “community” plots on the guild island. It takes several hours for the crops to grow and several more hours to raise livestock. Would it not be better for multiple people, even people who don’t want to be dedicated farmers, to be cranking out food on their personal island?


the alpha test is only 29 days long, so every week = a quarter of the way in. So we are nearly a quarter in.

As for the number of people, it’s actually harder that way. If we had enough silver I could come on every 3 hours (6 if me and droul alternated), replant, and then feed what needs fed. With a lot of people you get a lot of waste in the form of overfeeding, feeding with the wrong resources, and people putting stuff in private chests and logging


I think these are some good points. Myself, and i figure a few others, come with more of a WoW background where you could do a good amount of the crafting/gathering on your own. I started this way on here but realized by yesterday that’s just too tough on something like this in the short time span we have–if we want to do higher end stuff.

Farming is incredibly expensive at the moment as is crafting at the t4 level. There’s no way I have the time/resources to keep up with even farming and crafting ranger weapons, not to mention gathering/refining everything I need for crafting the weapons.

Guild buildings’ upgrading and maintenance is a huge cost as well and will only get higher.

On the other hand, we also need to remember we agreed to be a beginner/casual friendly guild. I’m guessing between today and the weekend we’ll see more new members.
How do we balance guiding them, allowing for those who want to casually explore a bit of everything and aren’t worried about hardcore stuff, yet also progress for the hardcore players.

As Marksteele says, I think we’ll have to find a compromised tax rate. We’ll have to find those who want to take specific crafting and gathering roles for higher tier gear. We need a few to keep organizing dungeon runs. We should get a few in charge of pvp exploration. We also need a few who can focus on helping guide newbies.
This game can be intimidating and just saying “Do x and y, then come to the guild island” might not be enough.

Hopefully we can get a good jump on sorting this out tonight and set up a wiki or two to help organize things.

Thankfully, this is only an alpha. We get at least one do-over. Keep Calm and Carry On. :smile:


Ya, there’s a LOT of details we would have to figure out if we went with this suggestion. I just wanted to get it down in writing so that we can discuss it without having to reexplain it over mumble :stuck_out_tongue:


I think what mark is trying to say is that if we all work together in the way we will all benefit more than we ever could in the current “generalization” of the destiny board that we have. If we do this effectively there will be not issues such as lack of silver or mats. I really hope we can all come to an understanding and an agreement.

Good points mark.


I completely agree Mark…that is what I expected when I joined…I want all my fame to be combat and gathering…It is a waste of my time to try to be completely self sufficient in this system and even MORE SO when the experience is only available a month at a time.

I am all about gathering stuff on down time and depositing it in the guild bank so crafters can refine and use…then I spend my time pvping and doing dungeons.


Meeting begins in 15