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I thought I would bring this up since with the changes from the last alpha a guild tax will be VERY important. While I realize in an ideal guild we could set this to 0, realistically we need silver for both territory upkeep (essential) and alliance upkeep (non-essential). Personally I would like to see a guild tax set at about 50-60%. What this means is that whenever you kill a monster and pick up the silver 50-60% of it would go directly to the guild coffers.

The guild can then use this to maintain territories, build new buildings, buy materials for crafters or weapons for our GvGers. All of these things are essential for a smooth guild.

So, with all that said, what do people think about guild taxes, how high should we set them or should we even set them in the first place? Just keep in mind that unlike every other time we can NOT use gold for upkeep, that means that if the guild doesn’t have enough silver in its coffers we loose everything, including any buildings we have set up on our territory (unless we reclaim it before someone else does)

edit: as stated below I stand corrected. Upon review of the patch notes they have removed silver upkeep for territories altogether. This means that we require much less silver to function as a guild. We still do need to supply are farmers with silver for seeds, however we should be able to get by with a tax rate anywhere between 10-25%

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I know nothing about Albion yet. Have yet to play in a previous testing phase.

But 50-60% tax rate is a kick in the teeth. Do you want that much taken out of your paycheck? :smile:

Something better would be 5-10%. It’s looking like we will have a decent sized guild for this game. The guild bank will fill up on its own. Won’t individual players be needing money for crafting or buying items?

Besides, if the guild needs money for a specific reason then we can donate at that time.


I agree, 50-60% seems unreasonably high. I also have not played the game yet, but 5-10% should be plenty, no?


I actually stand corrected. Looking over the patch notes it seems they removed the silver upkeep for territories entirely and replaced it with food. While this does mean we need to supply silver for our farmers this change, along with the elimination of crafting costs means that we would need a much lower tax rate that in all other alpha’s. That being said I could see 10-20% being a more acceptable number since we still do need to supply our farmers.

As for crafting and buying items, ideally you won’t have to. The best case scenario is thus

  1. gatherers gather materials and put them for free on the private guild market
  2. crafters buy those and use them to craft weapons/armor/other and put THOSE on the market for 0
  3. As needed guild members buy the finished goods for use in PvP/PvE/Gathering

edit: speaking of farmers, do we have anyone as a dedicated farmer? Ideally we would want 2-3 people focused on that since we would need high level food quickly.

For reference, the reason that I suggested it so high initially was because silver upkeep scaled based on the highest tier building you have. Before the changes some upkeep would go as high as 500k+ silver a week


Currently not playing the game, but I do know Warframe has similar ‘taxes’.

Most ‘guilds’ in WF have a tax rate of 12%-22%, so maybe somewhere around there to start out?
Now, in times of need, I’m, sure that taxes could be increased to a larger amount to compensate- with guild understanding of course.
But again, I’m not playing the game. Just my 12%.


I’d say we start with 10% tax and then adjust as necessary. many good points in this thread and I’m on my phone at work so won’t be going too in depth here but I think a 10% tax wouldn’t hinder anybody from growing.