Albion Online Hellgates




nom nom nom nom :slight_smile: its just great one :slight_smile:
but how I see they ar lovering the zerg tingi. limiting how much players can join .
but that is a cool one


I saw this video earlier this morning. I can’t decide if this gets me more or less interested in supporting the game.

On one hand I like that it supports small-group play. But I wonder if the dungeons will be designed Guild Wars 2 style such that you just take any random 5 people in there and can win the game. It would almost have to be designed that way given the nature of the game.

So I’m torn.


Eh yes and no, Because if you aren’t grouped then whoever deals the most damage to the Gatekeeper enters, alone. So it promotes having a group of people and in this game it usually leans more towards having a group of people that you know.


When I say “any random 5 people” I mean having a group built purely for damage, or no specific skills. In case you haven’t played Guild Wars 2, there’s no tank or healer role in the game. When you go in a dungeon you just keep throwing bodies at the bosses until they die. People running in circles like idiots sometimes.

I guess I’m looking for a game where people build their characters toward specific roles. I haven’t decided yet if Albion Online is one of those games.


It is. As it shows the boss at the end will be too much for 5 people purely built for damage to take care of, you will HAVE TO have a tank and a healer and 3 dps. That’s how it seems to me. But you’re right you might have some people troll and take 5 damage people but even if they do that, if you have a tank and a healer as well as 3 dps you’ll be harder to kill and will actually have the upper hand.


Dude, the hype is so real.


There’s been alot of stuff changed from last Alpha to this one and i can’t wait to try it all man. And I’m so hyped to have the group coming in and playing :slight_smile:


I only ever found one group outside my guild that was willing to discuss strategy to avoid death-spams in GW2 Dungeons (I had the greatest Charr Engineer of all time). That, combined with ANet shitting on smaller guilds and promoting the idea of being part of many and larger guilds really put me off, I think. I’ll be watching closely to see how they continue to develop these Hellgates with bated breath.


One of the quotes from the video is they want fair and evenly matched combat situations. I’m not sure they can design encounters like that without assuming that you won’t always have a tank or healer in your group. I think they would have to design it for five damage characters.

Question for @DrizztDo_Urden69 Do you know if there is a way to taunt or draw monster’s attention onto you in this game? That would help me understand if there are traditional tank/healer roles.

Marvel Heroes has shown that you can have raid content in these isometric Diablo-style games. It works, but you build your heroes so he can survive one big hit then maximize damage. I’ll accept it if that’s how Albion Online is supposed to be played.

Maybe I’ll just have to put up the money and learn for myself.


So glad to see them adding good content to this game!
will this be in the coming Alpha?


Ok. Cool. Where is alpha? Give alpha now? Please understand. Volvo.


@teh_ninjaneer I believe either a piece of armor or shield has an ability to “taunt”.

@Wayward yes these hell gates will be in this coming Alpha

@senNish 29th My brother.