ALBION ONLINE IS BACK! - Beta 2 Planning/Sign Up Thread



Hello fellow Stratagists,

The mid-beta wipe and introduction of the new Albion world is upon us, which makes this the perfect time to re-build the Albion guild and bring the StratsCo name back to its former glory for both this second beta phase (B2), and the official launch of the game (Launch) in a few months.

If you are planning on participating in the Ablion guild after the wipe, or are interested in a position of leadership, please post below.

@Auth @Vocino @DrizztDo_Urden69 @teh_ninjaneer @ducksauce88 @Zniri @Kellock93 @Cracka08 @W1thl0v3 @senNish @zive9 @Ausylon @GuardianX @ghosthog @Wheatception @Wayward @Philspaz @ThatDoomThough @lyteforce
I know I’ve missed some people, so if you can think on anyone please send me a message and I will add them.

It is no secret that last time around our Albion guild fell apart (for a variety of reasons), which is why in B2 we will be focusing heavily on making sure the guild is better aligned with the spirit of Strats&Co. There are a couple of things I want to implement to help ensure this, but of course it is all up for discussion.

Strong, Mature Leadership
Last time around, the guild was growing so fast it forced us to put unknown quantities into positions of power in the guild. This time only established members of the Strats community who have proven themselves to be mature leaders will get put into a position of power. Of course, anyone who proves themselves a strong leader in B2 can be considered for a leadership role at Launch.

Guild First Attitude
Last time we had several people using the guild to further their personal agendas. There will be no place for this in the new guild. I do not at all doubt the integrity of anyone currently in Strats or your willingness to work together for the greater good of the guild, but we need to have a way to keep the spirit of “all are welcome in Strats” without putting the guild at risk of new members taking, but never giving back.
I believe the best strategy for this is to have relatively high guild taxes, and leave it up to our Master of Coin to make sure everyone is funded for the things they need.

If anyone has any other suggestions to help ensure the integrity of our guild, please bring it up for discussion.

For the B2 guild, I would also like to have a more organized leadership structure.

As much as I would love to take on a full-fledged Guild Master roll, I simply don’t have the time anymore. Instead, my role will consist of:

  • Being a representitive for the StratsCo executives (Vocino, Tommy, Auth) to make sure the Albion guild keeps its integrity and caters to the needs of all members.

  • Managing leadership -> simply making sure leaders are able to/have the resources to fulfill their duties to the guild, not micro managing them and telling them how to do their job.

  • Dealing with community questions/concerns that you do not feel have been adequately answered by leadership

  • Dealing with problem players

Essentially… I’m HR

Master of Coin (OPEN)
Since money is everything, the Master of Coin will essentially be the Guild Master. In addition to being in charge of all guild finances and funding, they will have full authority over the guild in all areas not involving the Overseer. It is encouraged that the Master of Coin let the other leadership make the decisions in their area of the guild, but they will have the power to overrule other leadership if they have major concerns.

Master of Resources (OPEN)
The Master of Resources will be in charge of all efforts to supply the guild with resources (crafting materials, farming/food, animals for mounts). They will work with the Master of Crafting to make sure they have the resources they need for crafting items and improving buildings. They will work with the Master of War to make sure the warriors have all the food buffs they need. They will make sure all guild territories are properly fed. And they will deal with the Master of Coin to make sure their efforts are properly financed.

Master of Crafting (OPEN)
The Master of Crafting will be in charge of all crafting efforts. They will work with the Master of Resources to ensure they have all the gathering tools, and anything else they might need for their efforts. They will work with the Master of War to ensure warriors are sufficiently supplied with Armor and Weapons. And they will work with the Master of Coin to ensure their efforts are properly financed.

Master of Combat (OPEN)
The Master of Combat will be in charge of all GvG strategy, as well as organizing PvP and PvE events. They will work with the Master of Resources and Master of Crafting to ensure they have the territories needed. They will also work with the Master of Coin if silver farming (PvE) initiatives are needed to help increase guild finances.

All leaders will be in charge of both organizing players/efforts that fall under their jurisdiction, as well as representing those players and their needs to guild leadership.

Titles are subject to change

If you are interested in any of these positions, please post below explaining why you would like that position, and how you feel you are suited for it.
Please also post if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.

Long time MMO and general game enthousiast from Sweden introduction

As much as I wish I did, I don’t have it yet :frowning:



I’ve been looking at this game since the first beta, Would love to find a game where I can be with a close guild again!


im interested in being in the guild, i left recently because noone was on but i would join again for sure


Don’t know what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll most likely be returning for the party, at least until the semester starts late August :wink:

Depending on how they’ve messed with the Guild Islands, I’d be happy to do the same thing I did last beta phase with organizing and planning it.


Derp! whoops, didn’t even see that :stuck_out_tongue: well I guess I will enter with #entergiveaway :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. You’re not blind. It wasn’t there when you first posted. Also, make sure you enter in the giveaway thread, not this one.


I’ll b playing Albion in B2 and at Launch.


I’m coming back.


I shall be back ^^ Probably not as active as in B1, but I hope I can help out at least a bit ^^ Also if we have enough people maybe 1 officerposition for each time Zone (NA/ EU) would be nice?


I’ll be back but not sure how active either.

Might also want to split the combat to have an assistant that handles PvE separately?

And thanks for doing this @Bradum



Got the game last night, really liking what i saw in the 2 hours I played last night.


This is me being in.


I’m in! Do we know roughly what times we would play?


Depends on the time zone makeup of our guild. I imagine most people will be on between 6pm and 1am EST.


I’ll be back, but don’t have much time to do anything more than something casual… so many games, so little time.


i’m not sure if i’m eligible, because i didn’t play that much this test, but i would do master of resources if no one claims it, i mostly found my self getting resources when i did play, not as much of the other stuff besides selling, but that’s too big of a job for me.


ill be in on wipe