ALBION ONLINE IS BACK! - Beta 2 Planning/Sign Up Thread



Albion B2 begins August 1st. No word yet on whether that’s just for Legendary founders, or everyone.

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cool, i only have veteran founder, so ill be there if i can.


My vacation starts on August 1st … nailed it :grin:


Yeah. I’m away that weekend, but will probably come back on Sunday instead of Monday so I can make day 1.

Classic Albion devs… “Let’s start it on a weekend in the summer when most people are away!”


Work starts back up on August 1st for me…

yup :wink:


But … 1st August is a Monday :wink:

But yeah with the Rest I totes agree, I actually would have been in Barcelona by then if stuff didnt go wrong XD

Edit: When we wanna do our pre release meetIng then?


Wow that sucks XD


w00t…it was not the same without you


I’m interested in joining the guild. Just let me know how/when.


Master of Crafting - Sounds good


Will there be a wipe after the final beta?


I’ll be playing as well.


Oh, this sounds exiting. I’ve not tried the AO yet though. I’m not very combat focused in most games and I’m not that in to hardcore PvP, is it still possible to find enjoyment i this game? Maybe as a dedicated crafter/gatherer? Also how much time do you think you need to put in to the game in order progress and enjoy the game? And how much would you expect of me in the guild?


Hey All,

Sorry I haven’t been very active on here and answering questions over the past week or so, as I’ve been pretty sick/busy. Starting this weekend I’ll start to really try to get things more organized.

In the mean time, here’s some new information about the 2nd beta.


I guess we need to have a meeting anyway about what to do this beta, or do you guys have a plan already ?


Over half of the Destiny Board (slightly resembles the skill tree in Path of Exile) in Albion Online is dedicated to crafting, gathering and farming. So yes, I would say it is possible to find enjoyment as a dedicated crafter and gatherer. It would likely benefit you to spend points on basic combat skills to perform PvE, get some silver, things like that. But I imagine you can avoid PvP and let others bring you the materials found in PvP zones.

Someone has to keep the guild equipped and fed.


Bought the game yesterday! I think it looks really fun :slight_smile:


Auth, that would be GREATLY appreciated.

If any of you are interested in a leadership role that would be super duper awesome.

Sorry. Last beta was a bit of a disaster, so we’re being super strict this time around. Don’t worry though, if you’re hoping for that type of role there will be plenty of time to prove yourself for Launch.

Welcome aboard!


There is plenty of room for crafters and gatherers to play without having to dive into PvP.
However, if you want to go out gathering you will have to avoid PKs (player killers), but I find that makes every outing that much more exciting.

As far as the guild goes, there is no time dedication requirement. As far as your enjoyment goes… It’s hard to say, as it will vary greatly from person to person… But I can say that, regardless of your skill/level/progression, there will always be meaningful ways for your to contribute to the guild.

Hope that helps.


Yes. We very much need this.In the near future I’ll start a message thread with some of the key members of our Albion community to make sure we’re all available, then set a date for the meeting (which of course all are welcome to attend).