ALBION ONLINE IS BACK! - Beta 2 Planning/Sign Up Thread



I will be happy to help out for the first few weeks, but after that a more active player would be a better choice.


Sign me up, been anxious to get into the game with an organized guild. Will be nice to learn the game prior to release. I’ll be online after the wipe. Should see me on as DarknessAngel or Darkness Angel depending on what the naming convention allows.


I need me some Albion. Lets get it!


Seems like time is dragging. the 2nd cant come fast enough


Just announced: The release of B2 will start at 12:00PM UDT (7AM for EST folk like me)




New trailer released today for B2

Hopefully this is a better demonstration of Albion Online for you @xxbr3ast1cl3sxx


im ready


oh. well that does look interesting. However, I have no true experience in this type of game.


I am in as well


Hey my name is staggy, I’d like to join your guild