Albion Online - Launch is Almost Here! Will you be playing?



Hello again fellow Strategists and Albioners,

It’s that time of year again! Right now I’m just trying to gauge interest and see who will be playing on launch.
If you plan on playing at launch, please post below as well as let us know if you’d be interested in a leadership position.

@DrizztDo_Urden69 @teh_ninjaneer @Kellock93 @ghosthog @Cracka08 @Xyrdin @Zohh @Zharick @zive9 @finubar @Arochio @Belemrys @Parcho @TheWhiteKnight @DarknessAngel @Dezmo @Derangedtaco @Biggles7268

I know I’ve missed some people, so if you can think of anyone please send me a msg and I will add them


Just started, but I’m full into it now and would like to see a Strats group/guild at launch.


I will certainly be trying it at launch, considering all the money I put into it.

Not sure if I will stick with the game, though.


I’ll be there


If I do continue playing it will likely be as a crafter/gatherer so I can do things on my own time.

We’ll see.


I’ll probably try it out at start but not holding a lot of hope, and won’t take a day off for start of it like prior ones.


I had so much promise with this game. I just wish I didn’t get chased off by a few of the PvPers we had in the second beta clan - I’m just too scrubby for that kind of thing & was enjoying the PvE side - where the belief was my use as support staff.

Maybe I’ll come back… I mean… I paid for it.


A lot of PvE has been added in the past 2 years (wow it’s been that long). It’s a really different game than when we played back then.


I also gonna play at launch. I can’t commit the time for a leadership position but will help with farming and crafting if we get the guild going again.


I’ll be coming back for the launch, you guys know I moved to Japan and wasn’t able to play so I stepped down, I’ve also stayed away from the game for a long time because I didn’t want to get burnt out. I am excited to play when it comes out and look forward to putting out some guides again!!!


I got totally burned out on this game because of the same reasons as @lyteforce the people who ran the guild before were so anti pve they made it unbearable on those of us who didnt pvp. I might give it a shot but will be doing pve.


I’m sorry to hear that guys.

As @teh_ninjaneer said, they’ve actually added quite a bit of PvE content to the game… and if you end up playing again and feel the same way, please let me know and it will be taken care of.


What kind of PvE content did they add? Just mining shit for the pvpers got boring as all hell real quick.


There are dungeons you can play solo, which I believe scale in tier level. You can access these dungeons from any town.

Also, there are armor sets designed specifically for gatherers. They give you spells which help you get away from gankers.


I mean, they’ve definitely added some more depth to PvE, but it’s still a game mainly focused on PvP.


The lack of PvE content wasn’t the issue back then, but the point that was continually raised that I wasn’t “contributing” to the guild by doing PvE. I felt like an endentured servent who’s sole role in the game was to farm mats for PvP glory.

I’ll give it a look again though. I know I will.


I don’t know when this was, but I always pushed that everyone can do their own thing and not to be pressured to pvp if you didn’t want to. We will make sure that the environment is friendly to both PvE and PvP.


I ll be playing…paid too much money for it:D


Living up to his title, ladies and gentlemen :wink:

On a serious note though: that brief stent a couple betas back where the PVP and PVE side of things weren’t gelling was largely to do with some misguided (and unfortunate) promotions of newer members to guild officer; those individuals have since been removed not only from the guild but the community in general for their behavior; we shouldn’t see any repeats of those shenanigans moving forward.


ill be playing on release I just joined some other guilds because no one really was playing but strats will definatly be my main as long as it last