Albion Online - Launch is Almost Here! Will you be playing?



I will be in on launch. Joined another random guild because I couldn’t find anyone else. I hope to jump back in. New hardware and all!


I just started playing again a week ago… I would love to play with you guys again. I did have fun back in the first beta days, but it was heavy on the GvG side. We had a good base and there was a reason to ask people to contribute to the upkeep of that base, but I think now after playing again, things have changed in the focus of the game. Caerleon seems to be the “Center of the world”. I’m not sure how this will play into the future of the game, but I do look forward to playing it again.


I will indeed be playing on release. Just started again this past week to get back into the swing of things after taking most of the current beta cycle off to prevent burnout. I’m happy to see Strats will be rebuilding on launch. I’d be happy to do anything I can to help the guild in any way I can. Sorry that I haven’t been more active in the community recently. Hopefully @Auth will forgive me for being invisible.


@Auth never forgets…