Albion Online: Money Issue



i’ve been saving up my money and bought a private island but the downside to that which i didn’t think about is that now i have no money… can anyone suggest ways i can get some money? 'ive been farming and such but nothing got me back my 5k i also don’t have a horse or an ox.

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Doing the quests around the starter towns are a good source of silver. It’s not hard to make 1,000 quickly, especially if you choose one of the kill quests since you’ll be getting about 20 silver per kill as well.


Take a look at when we are doing our dungeon runs . A good run will net anywhere from 4k to 10k silver for the entire party

If you haven’t already make sure you post what times you would prefer to run dungeons
Albion Online: Dungeon Run times: Whats best for you?:


true thanks.


well the thing is, i am just starting to get tier 3 equipment and tools so i might have trouble with it unless you guys do easier ones also


we could carry you through a dungeon if you have a mix of t2 and t3 but also do those killing quests like @teh_ninjaneer suggested. They’re right outside the starting area I believe. Crafting quests are good too if you are crafting what they request but you’ll spend more money than you’ll make if not leveling crafting.


I tank all of the dungeons we do with T3 plate…and I went from JUST getting T3 straight to a dungeon.


I agree with @marksteele about dungeon runs. We did a run when I was T2 and I made 4k easily. Second run I made almost 6k. Make sure you are with a group of course but it is definitely well worth it.