Albion Online - On Upgradeable Islands



New Albion Online article today - Upgradeable Islands!

Looks like you will be able to upgrade and expand your private and guild islands. This will increase the number of building and farming plots.

They are also adding laborers - NPCs you can hire who will help gather resources. More info on that later.

This is great news for the PvE Strats guild who wanted to focus more on the guild island and mostly stay away from the PvP zones. I assume the main drawback to using the upgraded island will be the high tax rate.


1000% yes to this. Especially when talking about farms. Oh man…


This awesome, I was hoping they’d some thing like this.


My initial thought is this will be great for using the private/guild island as your main source of food, especially in the early stages of the game. Then you can transport the food into the PvP zones if you want, in case the guild island buildings still can’t be upgraded beyond tier 3/4.


I’m glad they finally published this, I wasn’t allowed to mention it lol, but they had plans for this since before last alpha, just didn’t implement it, wanted to test some things with the alpha before putting it into beta. It’s gonna be amazing.


So you were aware of this and are in favor of it? Because I had the impression that you wanted to skip the guild island and go directly to a PvP zone.


for the pvp guild I think it’s a good thing to push into the pvp zone, for our other guild though I think it sets up perfectly, which is why I was all about that idea


do i have to sign up for the pvp guild?


Hey doods and doodettes. I haven’t been active really playing computer games for a while. A little cautiously optimistic about my gaming times come Albion Beta. Anybody know when its starting? Thanks :smile:


All we know is sometime in November at this point.


They usually make an announcment about 10 days before the start. So my guess would be end of november.