Albion Online Pre-Beta Test (Legendary Founders)



For those of you Albioners who have purchased the Legendary Founders Pack before July 10th, there will be a pre-beta test starting tomorrow (July 14th). This is a great opportunity for us to check out the new map and get a leg up on the competition.


sadly no legendary. I’ve invested in the Epic 50 dollar pack. Looks like i’ll be waiting a bit longer. Could someone put something together with the changes afterwards so were a bit more prepared?


Yep. We will have several people playing this week before a meeting this weekend, so we can use that info in our planning. I’ll have a post about the meeting tonight.


I can’t log in for some reason, says I needed to have an active legendary founder’s pack, and I’ve for sure got that. But I didn’t go onto the game and activate premium before the 11th. So maybe I’m SOL. =/


Wow … I am Not sure I did that either. Can someone confirm if this is the case or Not?


Seems there was an error not letting people log on. It was just resolved a little while ago. I have Legendary status and am about to create my character.

However, the forum post announcing the test did state that you needed Legendary status before July 10th.


So whats everyones thoughts thus far?


I was only able to play for an hour before work, but the new world seems pretty awesome. Haven’t really gotten into it enough to see how the new destiny board is.


I’m messing around today while tending to the kids. Working at a medium pace.

Currently in my t2 mage gear. After looking over the weapons on the destiny board I feel like staves will be the most interesting to me this time. The fighter weapons just don’t appeal to me. I would rather heal with the holy staff than nature, although nature appears strong. I think there’s something for everyone.

A brief rundown of the weapons:

  • For warrior weapons, all of them have a passive spell option to increase threat generation by 300%. The sword, mace and hammer have a taunt spell available; axe does not. The bladed weapons (sword, axe) generate bleeds. Axe and mace have a passive option to heal you on each hit (useful for soloing if you don’t turn on threat). Hammer looks to be a massive CC weapon and it’s passive is to increase CC duration.

  • Hunter weapons are diverse. Bows, spears, claws, single dagger, dual dagger. Looks to be poison and attack speed with these weapons. The nature staff is several heal-over-time spells and they can stack on the same target for plenty of healing.

  • Overall I don’t think the mage weapons changed much. Fire for pure damage, frost for CC, holy for heals, arcane for buffs, and warlock for dot/debuff.

The feels all came back as soon as I logged in. And I was just on the game a few days ago. Hopefully it will be some good fun.


well sounds like this last beta will be plenty of time for me to mess with different specs to see where i want to head. Although i think the way the destiny board is you can eventually max out everything so you cant go wrong.

Thanks for the great overview.

I am curious, i was just watching the GvG changes. is there a certain timezone were looking at for territory control? I’m honestly not sure how diverse the population is of stratco, and if we plan to just hold one guild holding in a time zone or spread out based on population.


With Albion we’ve previously had players in guild from all around the world, and we’ll still have most of the timezones covered, I expect, but we typically rumble in NA time zones as that represents the majority of our playerbase. If things shake out differently I believe we can make the adjustments later on. I’m not sure how hard the push this go around will be for open world territory; without an alliance (we’ll be starting sans alliance this phase) we’re little more than a juicy target in black and red zones. I believe there’s talk of going after a yellow territory, if any, at this point since we can do everything from a guild island without the need for a forward territory (earlier versions of the game required territory control to continue progressing up the tiers of gear, but this requirement went away last year).


From my understanding of the changes, there are only territories in the Outlands now (all black zones)


Guild Island it is! :wink:


I’m going to do what I can to make sure we get a territory.

I think they’ll be more plentiful this time around. We should be able to hold one… But we probably won’t be able to expand a bunch and occupy a bunch of territory.


Guild Territory it is! :wink:


The game feels GLORIOUS