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Strats (a mature, multi-title gaming community with over 1500 members) is currently recruiting Albion Online players for beta and release. Our community is built around multiple titles and Albion Online is one of them. I am @Auth and I am the leader of Albion Online here at Strats. To facilitate the wide range of play styles our userbase has, we’re creating 2 guilds: a hardcore PVP guild (Strats) and a more casual guild (StratsCo).

#Joining and Requirements:
Adherence to our community standards is mandatory for all members of both guilds. In particular,

Those who choose to violate this will be reprimanded and, should the behavior continue, face removal from the Albion guilds. Profanity is not an issue unless basically every other word out of your mouth is f^$% or it falls under the above discrimination clause. We get it, we’re all adults, but when it’s a nonstop barrage of vulgarity it gets old pretty quick.

Guild members who are not registered here on Strats: Forum and have not posted an Introduction will remain as Recruits until such time as they have registered and introduced themselves.

##Strats (PVP)
Strats is led by @Xyrdin (Xyrdin, in game). With the designation as a PvP guild, Strats intends to operate primarily in red and black zones out of our guild island in Pillageport. In addition, Strats members also have the privilege of working closely with our sister guild StratsCo, based in Kingspool. Being a member of the Strats guild is a great responsibility, its more than just being a part of a guild but being a part of a great community. Based on that there will be expectations for each member who wishes to join the PvP guild.


  1. Teamwork. Strats is a community first and foremost. We are as strong as the weakest link in the guild so if you are running a group we expect you to invite other guild members to join your PvP excursion, gathering trip, or dungeon crawl.

  2. Be active. I understand you work, you go to school, or you have a family. I don’t expect you to be online for multiple hours everyday. So just play an average of about 14 hours a week, that is only 2 hours per day.

  3. Progression. To join Strats, it is expected that you are able to use or craft at least one tier 4.2/5 item. To stay, it is expected that you improve.

  4. Production. In Albion, you cannot have PvP without PvE, so be it crafting, gathering, or donations we want to see you bringing something to the guild. Every contribution counts.

  5. Criticism. You may be criticized for not running the latest meta build or be asked to change your roll. Don’t over react, be accepting, be open, take the criticism with your head held high.

  6. Mumble. Strats utilizes Mumble. We expect anyone in the guild to be able to at least log in and listen.

  7. Community. Strats isn’t just a guild, we are a community of gamers. So register on the forums, introduce yourself, and keep up to date with the latest Strats news. Remember, we have more than just Albion.

##StratsCo (PVE)
We call it the PVE guild, but you can bet this guild (led by @Auth) will still dip their blades into some foes; however, this will not be our primary focus. This guild is for those that want to enjoy the game without living in constant fear of slaughter or who don’t have the time needed to commit to a hardcore PVP guild. We’ll take things a bit more gradually, help new players learn the ropes, and work to support our forward brethren in Strats. Our guild island is in Kingspool, which is nearest Western Camp. We accept players of all skill and focus.

Additional Requirements:

  • None at this time. To request an invite to the PVE guild simply reply to this thread with your character name or look the guild up in game and request to join.

We use our database to authenticate our Mumble server, which serves as our primary means of communication.

Understand that the PVP guild and its leadership retain full right to deny a join request or remove players who are under-performing. It is also possible that you will be added to the PVE guild on a probationary status for further evaluation before being allowed into the PVP guild. This will be handled on a case by case basis. The PVE guild will, unless there is cause not to, accept all those that wish to join their ranks.

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Effective now we are no longer accepting applications for the [Strats] (PVP) guild via a reply here; please fill out the Google Doc application in the OP; those who have previously applied via a reply need not fill out the form.

People interested in joining the [StratsCo] (PVE) guild may still leave their username in a reply for an invite.

Do not panic if your comment has been or gets deleted. StratsCo join requests will be deleted once we’ve invited you to the guild; if you were a previous Strats applicant and had not heard back from a recruiter, please apply again through the new system. We tried to make sure we had gotten through them all before the purge, but it’s possible we missed you; no offense intended :wink:


SpookyPigeon, just like to play PVE for now till i make a pop character


CajunT is my character name!


Pve guild name: Strem


SethWald. I heard you needed gatherers, also like to pvp.


I need to join this guild. It has a very nice location for turning ore into bars. I know noise and free hugs from your guild. W I have enough materials to help your crafters achieve T8 tools or weapons. IGN joyful I have 20 mil fame in gathering.


Just wondering how long does processing of application take? Im lonely on albion :wink: haha


Hello, hardcore player here and was wondering if I can join your guild.


I accidentally declined my Strats invite… Strem


Cultex, I’m in for PVE at the moment.


Hey, I am BustaClompa. I watch a couple of your Strat guys on Twitch and they seem like cool guys. I read the intro of your guilds and would be interested in the PVE at this time since you have closed off your Strat PVP. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello, StickyMitten here, looking for a invite to the PVE guild and looking to help out where ever i’m needed. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon. Take care.


PVP Name: PancakeSoup


PVP Name: Deathwatch


PVE Macari


Could I get an invite to the PvE guild? Username is Huntersknoll


Hey folks,

It’s Phifas from Titans. I need to get in contact with someone with rights over your plots ASAP.



Are you guys still playing Albion? Just returning with a few friends.


Hey @Jeragon. We have a very small group of players still running around in Albion, but the majority are on hiatus until closer to actual release or the next major wipe. @Sindgog is around fairly regularly in Mumble along with a couple others, but his is the only name I remember offhand.