Albion Online - PVP Builds



What’s up guys, CaptainJack here.

It’s been a while, but I’m happy to be back. :strats_green:

I’m completely out of the loop, and with all these updates, my head is spinning. What I’m curious about is what does the current meta look like in terms of builds?

I’m more curious about the support builds; arcane, nature healing, holy healing, etc.

Please and thank you. <3


One thing I’ think is worth note is the ridiculous knockback passive xbows have. I don’t know what the meta proper is looking like (seen a lot of different two-handers running about), but getting a free knockback/interrupt every 3 auto-attacks is insane if someone relies on channeled abilities to be effective :wink:


Anyone using channeled abilities in PvP is riding the failboat anyway.


Consider me the captain!