Albion online recruit application



I am Hakim i have been playing Albion online sinds December 2015.
The current guild I am in (Martyrs Vengence) has gone offline.

I would like to contribute to an active guild have some fun with other people in game, this is like Eve online, it’s more fun in a group…

The Netherlands is where I live, I play about 2 hours a day in the evening. (GMT+1 or +2 in summer)

The stuff I have been doing in Albion:
grinding my way up to craft any armor/helmet/boot up to level 5 or 4.2
As a mage I wear a 4.2 light armor gear and I am trying to level up to a Demonic staff.

Resource gathering is what I like, crafting support is where I can help the guild. And I hope to find the thrills of PVP now and then.


Welcome to Strats!




Hey mate, welcome to the party; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! What other games do you currently play?




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