Albion Online: Resource and crafting management



I’d like to discuss having more control in our guilds resource management.

We now have a lot of people doing T4 crafting in the territory. Too many imo. Whenever I go to work on leveling up to 4.2 leather armor, there is little or no T4 refined leather in the chests. I’ve noticed the same for several of the other crafter’s mats. And because the T4 mats are short, I’m usually having to salvage what I make rather than stocking up our chests with t4 leather gear.

This is also another reason so many of our stations are low on food.

So now I have to make sure I have my own food whenever I craft (something we may just want everyone, including us dedicated crafters do), which means I went back to farming my own island (more time and cost). I also need to go back to the starter area to farm for T2 skin, refine it, so I can refine t3 skin (the only thing we seem to keep a decent supply of), and usually go skin T4 and refine that. This is taking a ton of time out of being able to craft.

I’m fine leaving the dedicated leather crafter role to a couple others. If so, I can focus on mainly farming or gather then.

Possible solution:
We should only have 2 crafters for each armor type and maybe 3-4 for each major weapon branch that focuses on a couple of the specific weapons in those branches. These folks shouldn’t have to worry about gathering mats or food, just crafting and should be the only ones allowed to remove resources from the chests. Other than them though, the rest who want to dabble in crafting should bring their own mats and food for the stations.

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Yeah i agree with you man. It seemed to be working at first, and then all of a sudden things started getting wonky, we’re gonna have to look into everything now and set stuff up specifically. We will have to change it so that only dedicated crafters and some officers can take things out of chests… it’s shitty but that’s how it’s gonna end up having to be unfortunately.


Yeah gotta agree I am always suprised how so many Mats go missing and no new gear returns. I usually gather my stuff especially cloth and leather and split it up 50/50 for my bag and caps crafting and put the rest into the chests. But somehow I only see ressources vanish into thin air and no new armour, tools, etc. returns.

What might be a good idea is to work with ranks and chests combined. I have to be honest, I am not willing to give random people who never speak to others in the guild and dont help out tools and mats, when a lot of other dedicated people who put a lot of effort into the guild get problems, be it with silver/mats, etc. I kinda can understand why people craft on their own then.
Oh and please take this as critic for the guild, I really liked the idea of gathers bringing mats, crafters making tools, etc. and handing them out to gatherers/ pvpers, etc. to get more mats/money. But to me it seems its not really working atm.


I’m in favor of being even more restrictive about things:

  1. Chest rework (aka someone’s nightmare) to lock down withdraws to the guild’s crafters/refiners/officers.
  • Most gear can go in a public chest with the rarer stuff requiring approval/withdraw by someone of authority
  1. All crafting and refining stations similarly locked down
  • All tier 3 and below crafting/refining should be happening in Middlecross; it costs 5% more silver than the territory and isn’t overly-convenient, but it also doesn’t hurt our buildings’ durability

I get that a lot of people (myself included) want to work on our own crafting as well, but we just aren’t setup to handle that kind of throughput on our buildings, especially since the vast majority of the guild isn’t helping provide direct silver deposits or food to keep them functioning. If you have aspirations of crafting outside the guild’s hierarchy, I think it’s on you to deal with the silver fees associated with it in a town; remember that the reason we’re trying to get specified crafters in place is to prevent everyone from struggle-busing through all the crafting and help streamline the process so we can progress faster as a group. I dig that you might want to refine/craft your own items, but that’s not practical in a game that has such a high upkeep on infrastructure; you’re more beneficial to the guild if you focus on your area of responsibility and let others focus on theirs. In the future (later this alpha, in beta and live) if we can get our supply lines in place, maybe things can loosen up (I really hope so, honestly), but right now we need to do something pretty extreme if we want to get back on track, I feel; if we want to make something of ourselves in this game, we need to have the discipline (as a group and individuals) to do so :wink: