Albion Online - Royal Sigils?



Finally found an answer about those Royal Sigils. If this is really what they are used for then I might be doing a lot of quests later today.

The thread reply states that the buildings next to the quest givers are actually a store where you exchange sigils for T4 gear.

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Makes sense, I was wondering the same


Thanks for the heads up.


Nice, I found it hard to finish my quest without the arrows or quest log with hints about the location of my prey…anyone else having trouble adapting to this lack of handholding?


It’s a welcome change back to the old style of MMOing.

The zones are relatively small and the MOBs are located in an even smaller subsection so it’s not a big deal. The bottlenecks are so many people killing them and extremely long respawn timers (that guy in chilly cave).

The delivery quests are fairly quick. Just have to switch zones a time or two.

The collection quests suffer similar fates as kill quests; everyone is gathering all the resources.


Yeah, as I am leveling combat as my first priority the killing quests is what I am concentrating on…took almost an hour to kill 14 people…


Try the crafter quests in the city, they are a decent way to make some money and get some sigils