Albion Online - Sign Up/Planning for Launch



I’m planning on playing. I can’t remember the names of people back 2 betas ago other than Meegosh and his brother. I’ve been playing the last few weeks and it seems with the changes, they made tool progression the bottleneck for most people…that’s probably where learning points will be spent the best. It seems fairly easy to progress thru using and making gear and also the farming tree. I’ll see if I can get in TOS if there’s still time.


Welcome to the gang @Mattius and @GoMunRah




Primary Guild Island - Templars of Steel
Martlock (T5 Buildings)

Secondary Guild Island - Templars of Death
Caerleon (T6 Buildings)

This information pertains to the current beta, and may not be the same on launch.


ill be there for launch


Just updated the game and launcher, I am stoked for the launch for founders on the 17th. I start a new job on the 23rd, but I hope to play as much as possible!


I’m looking to play at launch as well. I joined this group 2 years ago for this game, and it’s finally here


Every day in discord someone is like “where did @dallavise go?”


Hey all - interested in being involved in the launch! Where can I go for more information? Does Templars of Steel have a website?


You can find information both in the original post up top, and on their Discord.
The planning for launch will start some time this week. A lot of people have been taking a break before launch, so we’re waiting until everyone is back and hyped to start planning. Our guild is very “you do you” so there won’t be a ton of planning involved… Just some basic “What town should we start in? What should guild tax be? etc.”



Starting Cities

Guild Island

Private Islands
Will be updated as they’re added

Templars of Steel Codex


Alright everyone! Tomorrow is launch day!

If you have not done so yet, please hop in the Templars of Steel discord and PM me for permissions!

@Jeragon @Vocino @dallavise @Mattius @Nevaduck @lyteforce

Sorry if I pinged you and you’re already in, or if I missed you.


I would ilke to jump in also!


So, I saw @Bradum 's post in Discord that StratsCo is back. Where we at in Albion now? Following a similar plan to what was outlined earlier in the pdf?
How are you guys liking it? I just played around a bit last night and seems like they addressed some of the old issues anyway.


We have a guild island in martlock with full t4 buildings. I’m loving it, they changed alot of the things they needed to and for the better.


Now that’s a nice launcher.


I’d like to join you all on there, I go by Custos on there.


I would also like to join. Just started last night as Whit3.


@GuardianOfLaoria @White

Glad to have you guys aboard!

I’m currently in the process of moving, and won’t be able to get on for the next couple days.
If you message @DrizztDo_Urden69 this evening he’ll be able to help you guys out.


I’d like to get me and my wife in Vilegrin and Halita