Albion Online: So you like to crawl through dungeons



This topic will have a lot of information and tactics regarding PVE and dungeon crawling in general. To start here is a google doc spreadsheet that lists some dungeons and pertinent data that might help people running groups decide where to go. It is a work in progress and you can all add dungeons to the list. This will be a living breathing document so that people have a resource before deciding to run a dungeon.

I also would like to set up class “officers” who will be known experts on different paradigms. At the moment if you feel like you understand the destiny board for your class and want to help people understand what they need to do to be effective in combat in that role, talk to me!

Looking for people who learned in Mage, Healer, Druid (hybrid cloth healer), Paladin (hybrid plate healer), Ranger, DPS Warrior…

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Should we start building some tools to track some of this stuff. A spreadsheet is fine for this but do we want to have a page of tools that calculate stuff like this for us.


Would also be nice to track the silver per run.


The silver is tough to track accurately, depends on how much it is farmed, last time it was cleared. You can more or less do a min/max silver per mob/boss and average it out.


i like to do Dungeons, i’m a Mele DPS Warrior :strats_red:


I will be doing my best to focus on druid, after I unlock T4 to get some damage spells on it. As T3 you have no dmg ablility so you’re stuck leveling via dungeons, and sadly i’ve only been able to get in on one of those with my druid staff.

But i’ll heal ya all day every day.